Rose Approved

• ROSE IS ROSE © 2012 Pat Brandy and Don Wimmer. Reprinted by permission of
Universal Uclick for UFS. All rights reserved.

I love reading the comics every day; not only for the humor but also for a reminder of life lessons. Since I limit my immature, angry outbursts to inanimate objects (and somewhat related, customer service people), reading this was another reminder that I create as I speak.

Can I make an inanimate object do what I want by speaking soothing words?  Maybe; maybe not.  However, I do know that my energy and my thoughts will be far more effective.  When my energy is that of soothing words, I can see the challenge and needed action more clearly.  When I allow myself the temporary relief of screaming and cursing, I seldom can see what needs to be done to address the problem.

I also know that I can create magic with my soothing, calming words.  For the past few weeks, a group of Clarity clients and I have been doing an exercise of focusing on one positive word a week – and then observing the impact on our daily lives that this focus creates.  For example, our first week we focused on the word trust.  Throughout our week we continued to ask how feeling and thinking trust in our daily situations made a difference.

The results of this focused, positive energy has been fairly amazing (magical).  For me, several weeks of consciously using positive words and having positive thoughts throughout my day, has created a noticeable increase in my daily vitality.  At the same time that my daily expression of this vitality increased, a couple of unexpected events happened.  One was our auto mechanic going out of his way to take our car to a dealer and demand that a $1,000 repair be done under warranty.  The other was a dramatic increase in people expressing an interest in attending our upcoming retreat.

The only thing I did differently was to focus my thoughts on trust and consciously speak these thoughts throughout my day. Magicians, to announce the magic they create, use the word Abracadabra. The word is has its origin in the Aramaic language, in which ibra means “I have created” and k’dibra which means “through my speech”, providing a translation of abracadabra as “created as I say”, thus its use in magic.

Did I create magic with my words?  When the mechanic said $1,000 for the repair and there is a possibility it is under warranty, I stayed calm and stated “I’m sure it will and I trust your judgment.”  And, it was covered by warranty. When I said to Cathy, it would be nice to have people standing in line to attend our next retreat; three times as many people have expressed serious interest.  Magic?  I don’t know but it feels like it to me.

Next time I have to hang something; repair something; or get the @#!!\\# software to do what I want, I intend to try soothing words.  It better not snicker…