Clarity Circles


Unique and Energizing Peer Groups for Business Owners

The dream of living the life you want — and loving what you do — is alive!

  • Do you have a clear vision for your life and your company?
  • Are you doing the right actions every day?
  • How do you deal with the isolation?
  • Are you struggling with decisions you would like to have behind you?

Get clarity of energy, vision, focus and action. Contact us to see if a Clarity® Circle is a good fit for you! 

Clarity® Circle was created to provide a process where leaders can explore, refresh, invigorate and clarify the vision for what they want to create – the vision that drives the energy and actions of them and their people. A Clarity® Circle is a unique group of entrepreneurial business owners who come together to help each other design and create the future they want – for their business and their life.

Clarity® Circle offers each business owner a focused time to look at the business from the vantage point of his or her vision. It is an opportunity to get above the level of being mired in the daily activities. It provides a way of staying focused on always taking the right actions that are aligned with the vision.

After years of mentoring business leaders, the questions we hear underlying any business challenge are always about relating to and leading people, including:

  • How can I be a more effective leader?
  • How do I attract and retain the best people?
  • How do I inspire and keep the best people engaged?
  • How do we all stay focused on doing the right things?

Good business owners learn from experience … however, it doesn’t always have to be their own.

Clarity® Circle offers a combination of an experienced ad hoc board of directors and a group of wise peer consultants; who understand your vision and how you want to live and work your vision. Basically, it is a meeting with a group of strategic allies that helps you focus on what you want to achieve coupled with the strategies and tactics of how you get it. This is wisdom sharing in one of its highest forms.

“Clarity® Circle provides me with a sense of sanity each month!  As a business owner, each day can bring new pressures.  Clarity® Circle allows for trustworthy “above the line” feedback from the other contributors.  It helps me continue to put into action the dream I created at the original Clarity® Retreat, and I am forever grateful for the support, confidence, enthusiasm, and coaching circle gives me each month!  Not to say the incredible business relationships / friendships I have developed with the other attendees!”  – Jen Roth, Founder, Birds & Bees Teas

“Clarity® Circle continues to give me access to other above the line business owners to hash out issues using positive thinking and practical tools. After being in several different masterminds for business owners, this one is the only one where I have seen sustainable and inspired advice that helps my business grow.” – Lisa Haas, Founder, Actuate Social

“I love being part of the Clarity® Circle! Each meeting is powerful because I learn not only from the insightful feedback given to me, but also from the feedback others receive from the group. The fact that each member has an opportunity to share at every meeting is invaluable. It is by far the most uplifting, honest and supportive brainstorming group I’ve ever been a part of!” – Kathy Cagney-Rossi, Speaker

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