Individual Coaching Experience



What’s Next For You? What’s Your Purpose … Your Calling?
An Individual Journey of Clarity, Self Knowledge and Action

  • What’s next on your life journey?
  • Do you lose energy and focus as you move towards your vision?
  • How do you best serve with your own unique expression?
  • Are you an intentional journeyer or an accidental tourist in your own life?


We begin with a day and a half of discovery – discovering what really lights you up and discovering a methodology to keep you intentionally focused on what energizes and enlivens you. Then, we follow up on your new skills with six months of one-on-one coaching to reinforce what you have learned.

Find the essence of who you truly are. With this deep knowing of both your light side (energetic vision) and your dark side (draining shadow patterns) you will be able to stay true to your destiny and move forward with strength, vitality, balance and energy that radiates. It’s like getting an advanced degree in getting everything you want from life and work all the time. And, it works for every person, every time.

You will leave this profound and energizing experience with powerful tools to:

  • Know what lights you up and what’s next in your life
  • To link energy to attraction and attract what you want in your life
  • To look for the energy lights in yourself and others, and know their impact on living your dreams fully
  • Understand how energy shows up in the human system; how to see it … how to use it as an asset to create powerful relationships
  • Remove judgment and criticism from your life
  • Understand and use choice points to create your own reality
  • Use a vibrant affirming method of gauging your own “Lights On” energy all the time

This intensive experience will reconnect you to your passion and your true calling, and rapidly have you in action to achieve it.

The primary characteristic for all achievement is having a burning desire or a vivid vision. What is yours? Sit back and ponder these questions for a moment:

  • If you woke up every morning, knowing you will spend the day doing the work you love, what would that mean to you? What would your life be like?
  • What would it be like if your relationships were always energetic and effortless?
  • What would happen if you fully spent each day with vitality, energy and passion?

If these questions inspire a vision of how you want your life and work to be, you are invited to spend six months with Clarity® learning how to have it. The dream of living the life you want, and loving what you do is alive. And it’s doing well…however you choose to define it … if you simply take the time to learn how to get it.

This life affirming and life changing experience is for you if…

  • You’re asking yourself – What’s my purpose? What’s my calling in life?
  • You’re asking yourself – “What’s next in my life’s journey? How do I best live my dreams fully?”
  • You have a clear vision of what you want, but seem to lose energy and focus as you move toward it. It always seems just out of reach.
  • There are days when you lack the vitality & energy you want in your life.
  • You want to understand how to activate the deep energy that moves you to sustainable action.

How closely do these describe your situation?

The good news is Clarity® has a way to answer these questions. This Clarity® experience is intentionally designed to immerse you in the field of all possibilities … using video imaging and a deep interview process based on pure feedback without judgment. You will see and feel profound changes internally and externally. You will gain a deep understanding of the repeating shadow patterns that hold you back from being all you want to be … and you will learn strategies and actions to take to stop these patterns from running your life.

Here’s what others learned:

“It has changed everything…”

“What I learned from participating was how to rebuild my life from the inside out. It has changed everything – the way I view people; the way I see and do business; the way I view success and money; the way I view relationships. Every aspect of my life has been improved by Clarity®. I originally thought something had to be broken to need this training. What I came to understand was that Clarity’s program is especially for businesses and individuals who are performing well, and want to take their business and life to the next level. Clarity’s work provided great tools to ground me by creating a sharp focus and a shared vision with my partners. The tools help us keep our vision, and allow us to stay on track with the team toward a shared vision.”

Dave Litchfield, CEO, Everything Good, Inc, Heber City, UT

What you get:

Part 1. Lights-on Learning
The focus is on discovering and integrating the things that you are deeply passionate about. This experience will also provide proven tools and strategies to create sustainable action towards your vision.

Part 2. Practical Integration
During the six-months of coaching during you will apply the knowledge and tools you’ve learned to your everyday life. You receive bi-weekly mentoring and coaching as you put your learning into action. You will create and apply sustainable action steps, strategy maps and support systems to build momentum toward living your vision.

Part 3. Sustainable Living
You will leave this experience with the knowledge to continually deepen the application of the strategies and tools to your life so they are deeply ingrained into your daily life and actions.

And, more:
You will also receive a copy of the book, Get Clarity®: The Lights-On Guide to Manifesting Success in Life and Work™ including a pull-out color version of the Get Clarity® Journey Map, and Get Clarity® SHIFT, A Guidebook to Above-the-Line Positive Thinking. These will provide you with continued and ready access to the Lights-On Learning™ tools whenever you may need them.

With this six month Get Clarity® intensive coaching experience you will take away:

CLARITY of your calling, and the archetypal patterns unique to your journey.

CERTAINTY about your shadow and how it drains you.

TOOLS to avoid losing energy around certain people and situations.

STRATEGIES to stay true to your destiny.

STRENGTH to keep your lights on, no matter what life places in front of you.

SYSTEMS that will enhance your communication and relationships

SUPPORT from systems, coaches and at team of allies who understand your vision

The investment in your vision and fully living the life you want is $3500.00.

If you absolutely knew that spending $3500 will connect you to what’s next and will keep you in energized action to achieve it, isn’t it worth the investment? What we can say is that in over twenty years the Clarity® training and principles have given clarity to every person, every time.

To find out more:

Call 303-328-5531, or contact us online.

If you have made it this far, it’s obvious we’ve piqued your interest. Be decisive. Don’t fall prey to the “someday” syndrome. Join us for this provocative, life transforming experience. You will find the keys to your own burning desire, and the action steps to achieve it.