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Fully Express Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Jen Roth is a Senior Clarity® Coach, working with professionals and entrepreneurs, guiding them in determining their next lights-on steps and empowering them to make intentional choices. She is also a successful entrepreneur. She founded Birds and Bees Teas to facilitate her vision to help women care for themselves in a natural, healthy way. She has taken Birds and Bees Teas from a start-up to over a million dollars in sales. 

Jen has a Bachelors of Science in Herbal Sciences from Bastyr University as well as a myriad of certifications and advanced trainings in subjects that she loves. Jen is passionate about personal growth, plant medicine, women’s health, providing compassionate care to her clients and running ethical and sustainable businesses to support herself as well as the wider community. 

Since beginning her Clarity® journey in 2011, she has been dedicated to continuing her growth as a business owner and leader of her team. She brings a collaborative approach to her company which models dedication to team goals and appreciation of each person’s contribution to the team’s vision. She brings this same leadership model to her Clarity® coaching assignments with executives and other business owners.

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The Vision Space Las Vegas

Expressing the Creative You

Shelley Lynn is an adjunct professor at The University of Las Vegas and the College of Southern Nevada and the founder of The Vision Space – a coaching company designed to maximize human potential in education, the arts and business.

Blending tools from Clarity’s Lights-On Learning™, leadership coaching, the performing arts and yoga, Shelley works with individuals and organizations to clarify their visions and take meaningful, energized action for their success.

Currently based in Las Vegas Nevada, Shelley began her twenty-year career as a professional theatre practitioner working and studying internationally.  This dual national experience taught her much about culture, community and the power of creative resolution.  She spent sixteen years between the UK, NYC, Boston and Colorado writing and directing while achieving a BA in Performing Arts from DeMontfort University, Leicester and a Masters in Performance Studies at Queen Mary University of London.

Aware of the profound role the mind/body integration plays in performance success,  Shelley wanted to bring the ‘performers’ awareness’ into the mainstream – where leaders, policy makers and teachers could benefit from these specialist techniques.

She set out to find (or create) an interdisciplinary language whereby the benefits of right brain intelligence (creativity, spontaneity, vision) could be easily accessed by people outside of the creative arts. Finding Clarity® was the key!

As well as research in neuro-biology, and physiology, Shelley apprenticed with Cathy and Gary Hawk for five years, becoming a senior Clarity International® Coach in 2009.  Shelley also trained and certified as a Yoga Alliance Ashtanga yoga teacher (RYT) and has studied and taught chakra yoga work since 2007.   Committed to the power of creativity and the significance of embodied transformation, Shelley uses her background in fun and advantageous ways to light the spark in people.  She guides with practical tools for clients’ overall wellbeing – and combines her extensive arts background with her skills as a teacher and coach to create exciting and effective transformation.

Some clients Shelley has coached include:

Cirque Du Soleil performers, Campaign management for 2010 Nevada Governor’s race, Executive staff and chef’s from the Belagio, MGM Grand, Treasure Island Resort Casinos, Professors and Head’s of Department at the University of Nevada, Business and Personal Training Bootcamps for Professional Fitness Institute.

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Inviting authentic vision, energy and action

Darla Powell Phillips is a Senior Coach with Clarity®. She is also the President and Founder of What’s Next, a professional and business coaching and consulting service that supports individuals and groups in making powerful transformations in their personal and professional lives. Her work involves helping people look, see and tell the truth, discover passion for what they truly want, and invite authentic vision, energy and action.

Based in Houston, Darla connects with individuals nationwide by phone or in person; through group classes at her studio or other locations; and at special events across the country. In 2002, after completing the first half of her working life, Darla became a certified coach of the Lights-On Learning™ method through Clarity®, and is a member of the International Coach Federation.

An inspirational entrepreneur at heart, Darla worked in several industries as an employee and entrepreneur, gaining a wealth of life experiences before realizing her calling as a life coach. She has previous coaching experience with Bodymasters, Inc., where she provided nutrition and exercise support to clients seeking optimum wellness.

A native Houstonian and lifelong learner, she is an involved and loving grandmother of two young children and a special needs caregiver to an adult brother. Darla is a longtime community volunteer and philanthropist, supporting organizations as diverse as CanCare, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, and other charities. For her community and professional service, she was honored as a “Woman of Excellence” by the Federation of Houston Professional Women.
Darla has big energy for having fun.

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