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Ruthlessness vs. Self Pity

Ruthlessness is the light side of self pity. Seemingly an oxymoron, the use of this word means that you will ruthlessly protect your aliveness. It is like “putting your own oxygen mask on first” in order to stay alive so that you can be in service to yourself and...

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Celebration vs. Resentment

Celebration is the light side of resentment. Celebration is the ability to find the positive, no matter how small, in everything and reflecting that back into the world, like a mirror. It is attractive energy. Resentment is behavior that results from holding in...

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Playfulness vs. Romance

Playfulness is the light side of romance.  Having fun and being light hearted results in a sense of joy and being in the present moment. It is reality based.  Romance is defined here as being in fantasy, wishing things to be different than they are, and/or playing the...

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Courage vs. Denial

Courage is the light side of denial.  It takes courage and honesty to look at the difficult patterns of your own behavior and even more courage to go into action to correct your course. Denial is like “sticking your head in the sand” and results in stagnation. We must...

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Effortlessness vs. Overdoing

Effortlessness is the light side of overdoing. When you choose lights-on activities, there is no feeling of overdoing. Instead, you experience flow. You will notice things fall into place with ease. Synchronicity happens. The right people, events and actions appear....

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High Noticing vs. Habituation

High Noticing is the light side of Habituation. High noticing is the ability to have your eyes wide open, being fully aware and conscious as you look for what is new and different. High noticing helps you stay curious and open to new strategies, behaviors and energy....

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Authenticity vs. Self Importance

Authenticity is the light side of Self Importance, a false sense of self. Authenticity is demonstrated when your thoughts, actions and your words are congruent. You do what you say and say what you mean. This results in a reflection of integrity and self esteem. You...

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Dedication vs. Defiance

Dedication is the light side of defiance. Dedication is demonstrated by your willingness to commit to and participate fully to a choice. This focus creates forward momentum and aligned actions. Defiance is rigid and creates inertia. Most of us serve our ideals by fits...

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Enthusiasm vs. Anxiety

Enthusiasm is the light side of anxiety.Whenever you focus on what inspires and lights you up, your body responds by releasing endorphins, and you have a relaxed sense of well being. However, if you are in high stress situations, your body responds by releasing...

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