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What’s Next For You? What’s Your Purpose? An Individual Journey of Clarity®, Self Knowledge and Action

Get Clarity® for Individuals

Get Clarity® in the Workplace

Build Engaged Teams

When everyone on a team is focused on creating an above-the-line workplace, everyone benefits & grows.

Get Clarity® in the Workplace

Get Clarity® in Relationships

Live Drama Free

Powerful Partnering Retreat for Life or Work Partners. From Power Struggles to Co-Creative Adventures.

Get Clarity® in Relationships

Upcoming Clarity® Events

Upcoming Clarity® Events

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Gary & Cathy Hawk

Meet the Clarity® Coaches

Cathy Hawk is Founding Director of Clarity®, a coaching and training firm that teaches skills for how to see, sense and use energy as a primary life and work strategy.

Gary Hawk is Managing Director of Clarity® and serves as an executive coach and mentor for CEOs, business owners and senior executives.

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Are You Lights-On or Lights-Off? Do You have Clarity Amnesia?

Get Clarity Book

  • Do you have a clear vision of what’s next in your life?
  • Are you doing the right things every day to achieve that vision?
  • Are you asking yourself –“How do I fully live and work to my potential and make a difference?”
  • Are your relationships – at work and at home – energetic and engaged?

Eliminate Clarity Amnesia with Get Clarity®

Get Clarity® Thought Changing Operating System

There is a secret to choosing to work with intention, passion and purpose. The secret is to consciously choose thoughts that align all aspects of your work and life with what energized and enlivens you. It requires having a methodology to keep you intentionally focused and conscious throughout your day. The Get Clarity® System provides a simple – sustainable website – easy to use kit to SHIFT your though energy to be more effective.

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