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Interviews with Cathy & Gary Hawk, Clarity International®.

Cathy Hawk Interviews Cynthia James

There is a Native American prophecy which states that when the planet of healing (Chiron) is discovered in the sky, this is when the sacred warrior teachings will return to the earth. A Yaqui shaman described this time on earth as follows: “Imagine if you will, that it is pre-dawn and the sun is about to rise on the beach, and some people have awakened early to see the pre-dawn light. The rest of the people are still sleeping on the beach, and those who woke up early have a sacred responsibility to help other people as they begin to wake up and to know what sunrise is all about.”

Listed to Cathy’s interview with Cynthia James:


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Voice Of America: Wealthy Thoughts 07/25/13

Read Lights On Living with Cathy & Gary Hawk in Science of Mind Magazine – July 2013

In this article by author Dr. Deborah Sandella, learn about how to accomplish your lights on life path!

Listen to Cathy & Gary on New Dimensions Cafe: 

In their interview with Michael Toms on New Dimensions Radio, Cathy & Gary Hawk discuss Clarity’s clear, step-by-step method to create and sustain energy, resulting in a more meaningful life.

Holding a Highly Energetic Field with Cathy & Gary Hawk

Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams with Cathy & Gary Hawk

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Listen to Cathy & Gary on an interview with leading author Tuula Fai:

“Are your lights on or off?” – Interview with Cathy & Gary Hawk in “Seek The Lover Within: Lessons from 50 Spiritual Leaders” by Tuula Fai


Listen to Cathy & Gary on Inside Personal Growth: 

“Creating the Rest of Your Life” with Cathy and Gary Hawk

Our podcast focuses on their new book entitled, “Creating the Rest of Your Life, An Atlas for Manifesting Success & Excellence in Life & Work”, which is a combination book and guide to helping individuals manifest success and excellence in their life and work. They use a very interesting graphic in the book called a “journey map”. This journey map helps guide you on a path to living you life with your “lights on” as Gary and Cathy refer to it. There are 27 different points of reflection and insight along the way, all focused on helping you gain clarity about yourself and where you want to go….