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Clarity® offers a unique set of services designed to assist individuals, partners, teams and companies in discovering their vision and purpose.  The seminars offer a vision-discovery process, a one-on-one coaching exercise, an experiential dynamic, and you’ll be given proven, tangible tools to implement the action steps of your journey.

Get Clarity® Code: 2 hour Workshop: $29, includes breakfast

Clarity International® has been able to create a unique learning methodology which allows you to discover, design and implement that vision to:

  • break through limitations
  • creatively and clearly use action steps to create energetic flow
  • move to a peak level of performance

Whether you’re an individual, leader, partner, parent, or entrepreneur looking to go to the next level, the dialogue will intrigue your mind and inspire your soul!

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Get Clarity® for Life & Work Retreat: $1,995

A Profound Journey of Self Knowledge and Action: Spend three plus days in a sacred retreat to discover what truly lights you up; develop a clear intention and vision for what’s next in your life. Then, follow up with your new skills with  3 months of one-on-one coaching to reinforce hat you have learned. This seminar is a pinnacle course for personal and professional excellence. Find the essence of who you truly are. With this deep knowing of both your light side (energetic vision) and your dark side (draining shadow patterns) you will be able to stay true to your destiny and move forward with strength, vitality, balance and energy that radiates. It’s like getting an advanced degree in getting everything you want from life and work all the time. And, it works for every person, every time.

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Get Clarity® for Individual Coaching Experience

What’s Next For You? What’s Your Purpose … Your Calling?An Individual Journey of Clarity, Self Knowledge and Action. We begin with a day of discovery – discovering what really lights you up and discovering a methodology to keep you intentionally focused on what energizes and enlivens you. Then, we follow up on your new skills with three months of one-on-one coaching to reinforce what you have learned.

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Get Clarity® Circle Unique and Energizing Peer Groups for Business Owners

The dream of living the life you want — and loving what you do — is alive!

  • Do you have a clear vision for your life and your company?
  • Are you doing the right actions every day?
  • How do you deal with the isolation?
  • Are you struggling with decisions you would like to have behind you?

Get clarity of energy, vision, focus and action.

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Get Clarity® SHIFT to Above The Line Thinking Workshop

The Get Clarity SHIFT program is designed to help you understand and use all the choice points in your life to create your own POSITIVE REALITY– every moment of every day!Join us for the next 3 hour workshop to begin your Clarity journey.

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Watch a 1 hour preview for a true experience of Clarity’s “SHIFT To Above the Line, POSITIVE THINKING” for $9.98! Its well worth the ten bucks!