happy sparklers girls-984154_1920Celebration is the light side of resentment. Celebration is the ability to find the positive, no matter how small, in everything and reflecting that back into the world, like a mirror. It is attractive energy. Resentment is behavior that results from holding in negative thoughts and feelings, and absorbing it into yourself, like a sponge. This cumulative absorption is often described as “having a chip on the shoulder.” It is repellent energy.

The thing about performance, even if it’s only an illusion, is that it is a celebration of the fact that we do contain within ourselves infinite possibilities. -Sydney Smith

Think of the magic of that foot, comparatively small, upon which your whole weight rests. It’s a miracle, and the dance is a celebration of that miracle. -Martha Graham

Questions to ask

  • What can I celebrate right now?
  • What can I do to celebrate all my accomplishments every day?
  • What is the best method for me to celebrate and truly feel it in my body and mind?
  • How does enthusiasm, modeling, willingness, contributing, empowering and force relate to celebration?
  • What does celebration feel like energetically? Notice it: experience that feeling.


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