SHIFT for Teams

Get Clarity® for Organizations and Teams

SHIFT to Positive Thinking for Powerful Results

Do you or members of your team sometimes swirl in an eddy of negative thinking, and create the exact opposite of what you want?

No one starts the day saying, “I am going to behave and act in ways that exhaust my energy and the energy of all the people around me.” Sounds absurd doesn’t it? And yet, that is the net effect of what happens day in and day out in offices everywhere – people go home with their energy and their enthusiasm drained and exhausted, having worked at less than optimal levels.

There is a secret to choosing to work with intention, passion and purpose. When we consciously choose thoughts that align all aspects of our work and life with what energizes us, we are more effective as leaders and team members. The challenge is to have a methodology to keep us intentionally focused and conscious throughout our day. Clarity’s Thought Changing System provides a simple, easy to use system to SHIFT your thought energy to be more effective.

Ask yourself….

What  is your organizational culture?

Does your organization reflect integrity, excellence, compassion, empowerment and purpose?

Does your organization reflect integrity, excellence, compassion, empowerment and purpose?

Are members of your team collaborative and engaged?

Do they participate fully? Are they receptive, accountable and enthusiastic?

Do you want team members who:

  • Are more engaged and collaborative?
  • Maintain enthusiasm throughout the workday?
  • Create more team vitality and contribution?
  • Develop deeper relationships with co-workers and clients?
  • Connect more effectively in life and work?

When everyone on a work team is focused on creating an above-the-line workplace, every one benefits and grows. An above-the-line culture creates energized, collaborative, dedicated and trusting co-workers who participate fully in the common purpose.

Here’s the truth – It all begins with you. Whether you are a leader of one or a leader of 1000, it’s your thoughts and behaviors that impact everything. If you want to create peak performance, you must first create a peak experience – which begins with choosing to your own above-the-line thoughts.

If this sounds like exactly what you need, then Get Clarity’s SHIFT is for you.

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Includes Clarity’s Thought Changer Tool Kit: 

  • SHIFT Guidebook to Positive Thinking
  • Clarity® Attention Guide and Balance Sheet
  • 3 hours of dedicated to time towards learning these amazing skills for engaging positive thinking into your everyday life!

Join us for this three-hour workshop where you will learn to use the Clarity® Attention Guide and Balance Sheet™ to:

  • Avoid the commonly accepted behaviors that actually inhibit everyone’s performance.
  • Create a model of behavior and communication that delivers the vitality you want in your work and life.
  • Activate the deep energy that moves everyone to peak performance.
  • Energize more powerful relationships in work and life.
  • Stay focused on the thoughts, actions and behaviors that keeps everyone vibrant, energized and on a positive pathway every day.

Since 1994, through intensive retreats and individualized coaching, Clarity International® has guided and inspired people from all walks of life to align their personal purpose with passion, excellence and full expression in the world.

Here are some thoughts from people who have participated in Clarity® progams:

“The Clarity® tools will keep you vitally present and energetically focused on making it happen. Stay above the line! It works!”  George Karl, NBA Coach, Denver

“Clarity® gave me the method to live in the light, staying out of negative self talk.”    Nancy Kern, Author, Denver

“What I learned from participating was how to rebuild my life from the inside out. It has changed everything – the way I view people; the way I see and do business; the way I view success and money; the way I view relationships.” Dave Litchfield, CEO, Everything Good, Inc