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Get Clarity® For Powerful Partnering

GET CLARITY® sets up a new way to live, work, love and play. It is a systematic guide to a life methodology that creates and fuels energetic partnerships, enlivening work and vibrant living.



Get Clarity® – The Book

This revised and updated new book is the ultimate guide for Getting Clarity about life, work, love and play. It contains the proven principles of the Get Clarity Visioning and Operating System. It also gives examples of the principles in action through many success stories of people who are living vibrant, passion driven lives.





SHIFT: A Guidebook to Positive ThinkingGet Clarity SHIFT Workbook: The Ultimate How-To Guidebook to Take Charge of Your Own Personal GPS

SHIFT is a companion piece to Get Clarity®– The Book to help guide you through finding your lights on journey! Clarity’s Thought Changer Tool Kit will help you stay focused on the thoughts and the actions that keep you living an energized, self-directed life.



Get Clarity®Journey Map

This is the same map that comes with the Get Clarity® printed book – 5.5” x 17.5”, four fold, full color, durable heavy bond. Carry it around with you for handy reference on your lights-on journey. “The primary characteristic for all achievement is having a burning desire and a vivid vision.” Sit back and ponder these questions:

  • If you woke up every morning, knowing you will spend the day doing the work you love, what would that mean to you? What would your life be like?
  • What would it be like if your relationships were always energetic and effortless?
  • What would happen if you fully spent each day with vitality, energy and passion?

What’s next in your life’s journey? Clarity® has several powerful tools to:

  • Know what lights you up and what’s next in your life and business.
  • Link energy to attraction and attract what you want in life.
  • Look for the energy in yourself and others, and understand its impact on living your vision.
  • Understand how energy shows up in the human system.
  • Remove judgment and criticism from your life to create your own reality.
  • Use a vibrant affirming method of gauging your own “Lights-On” energy.

Order one of these helpful guides to get started towards living your lights-on life!

Get Clarity Online Course

Are You Ready To Start Living A Life Free Of Negative Thinking And Finally Find The Clarity You Have Been Searching For? Get Clarity in your life! Get it here »

7 Steps To Clarity

You CAN develop crystal clear thinking and a full vibrant life in only 7 easy steps. Learn more here »

5 Minute Reset

Reset your state and shift from a negative state to a positive in only 5 minutes… Even if you have had trouble in the past. Learn more here »

Choice Point & Attention Guide

Choice Point & Attention Guide and Journey Map. The best way to never get lost on your journey is to have a map. Get it here »

The Get Clarity Card Deck

Find Clarity Each Day with Your Own Cards that you can hold in your hands! Take them anywhere to find Clarity each day when you draw your Clarity Card. Get it here »