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Cathy Hawk

Creator of The Get Clarity Cards

Cathy Hawk is Founding Director of Clarity International®, a coaching and training firm that teaches skills for how to see, sense and use energy as a primary life and work strategy.

As a veteran energy coach, Cathy developed an innovative interview and image-feedback process called Lights-On Learning™ method. This allows her clients to see themselves with such clarity that they are rapidly connected to their purpose and quickly go into intentional action.

Through the Clarity process, profound shifts in physiology and energy occur, intentions are clarified and set on a course of action that will change the individual’s life and their expression in the world. Each person will know his or her destiny and will have the action steps necessary to lead his or her life from a place of vision.

Since 1994, Cathy, along with Clarity trained coaches, has inspired thousands of people from all walks of life to find and answer their callings. Drawing upon entrepreneurial expertise gathered from almost 30 years of visioning and team building in her professional practice, she has also coached visionary entrepreneurs and business owners to create enlightened business practices and results through a personalized coaching journey.

Cathy’s own search for a new vision led to the development of Clarity International® and the Lights-On Learning™ method. After retiring from 28 years in periodontal dentistry, she recognized her need for a new life vision – a vision that embodied energy, a new vitality, renewed passion and deep purpose. As she began to ask what was next in her life that would inspire her, she took an 18 month sabbatical to study and incorporate all the information available on passion.

This intense personal learning journey led to studies in many diverse areas relating to energy, vitality, and the connection of mind, body and spirit to one’s work and health. Through integrating this study with her history of working with applied kinesiology, client centered, energy interviewing, and developing individualized health balance plans, she innovated the Lights on Learning™ method.

Cathy has guided many visionary leaders from companies including:
MBS Property Group, Watership Trading Company, Stratecon, Shields Bay & Printing, The Tauri Group, Inn on the Creek Foods, Floating Feather Spa, Soundings on the Planet, Cultivating Connections, New Dimensions Radio, and Institute of Noetic Sciences.

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