Client Experience


“It has changed everything…”

“What I learned from participating in the Clarity® retreat was how to rebuild my life from the inside out. It has changed everything – the way I view people; the way I see and do business; the way I view success and money; the way I view relationships. Every aspect of my life has been improved by Clarity®.

I originally thought something had to be broken to need this training. What I came to understand was that Clarity’s program is especially for businesses and individuals who are performing well, and want to take their business and life to the next level. Clarity’s work provided great tools to ground me by creating a sharp focus and a shared vision with my partners. The tools help us keep our vision, and allow us to stay on track with the team toward a shared vision.”
– Dave Litchfield, Co-Founder, Inn on the Creek Foods, Heber City, UT

“…they are different questions now – questions that have real meaning for me”

“For 30 years I have worked for the same global company (42,000 employees) – for the last 20 years as senior manager and Vice President. A recent restructuring gave me a shock and forced me to ask what am I going to do now? I was grasping for answers when a good friend recommended Clarity®. I expected answers and direction, and that someone would explain it all to me. What happened has been quite something different. Instead of recipes, solutions and compassionate treatment, I was given a kind of wake-up session. The training has helped me to shift from a kind of desperation to the start of an exciting journey. I have learned to look at what I really want and need in life.  The harmonization and trust created by the Clarity® team has been both relaxing and challenging. I still have questions about my future but they are different questions now – questions that have real meaning for me.”
– Wolfgang Humpfner, Bavaria, Germany

“The vision I’m following is the one I’ve drawn for myself…”

“I’ve always enjoyed writing, though for the last few decades my writing was limited to technical documents and business communication.  My real dream is to write novels.  Not unlike many who want to write, I was plagued by self doubt, inertia, uncertainty, and lots of procrastinating. What I’ve gained from the Clarity® training with Cathy and Gary Hawk is the confidence to follow my dream without worrying about what the outcome will be.  I now have the tools to keep me believing in myself, and to keep me focused on my vision. If I sum up what set the Clarity® program apart from other self-actualization seminars I’ve attended, I would say:

  • It validated that the direction I thought I wanted to go is the right one for me.
  • It gave me the method to live in the light, staying out of negative self talk.
  • The continuing coaching support keeps the energy and momentum alive.
  • The vision I’m following is the one I’ve drawn for myself, and incorporates all the things that light up my life. In the six weeks since the Clarity® workshop, I’ve set up a space to write in, signed up for a writing workshop, and started a novel.  I can’t guarantee that you’ll ever see it on the best seller list, but “best seller” isn’t the dream; writing is.

-Nancy Kern, Denver, CO

“In twenty years no workshop has reached the core of my being like Clarity® has.”

“After the first incredibly brilliant days of participating in Get Clarity®!, my life will never be the same. As a mother, a wife, and Director of Operations of a global broadcasting network, the skills and expertise I gained during the week with Clarity® are priceless. My relationships at home and work are stronger and healthier.

My confidence level is way up and I clearly know which direction my life and career are headed. Cathy and Gary performed an elegant dance of guiding and supporting our Clarity® team. For over twenty years I have attended numerous motivational and self-help workshops; none ever reached the core of my being like the Clarity® training has.”
– Bec Kageyama, New Dimensions Broadcasting Network, Ukiah, California

“One of the best investments I’ve made in myself.”

“Clarity’s workshop program was instrumental in helping me gain clarity, when I was facing with some unclear and difficult career decisions.  The gained clarity gave me the confidence to pursue my vision and ignore the opportunities that no longer resonated with it. I regard Clarity International’s® coaching and training as one of the best investments I’ve made in myself.”

– Feyzi Fatehi, CEO, Corent Technologies, Laguna, California

“This is what we knew our marriage could feel like – we only wish we had done it sooner!”

“The Powerful Partners experience and your coaching has provided us with a playful, useful way of being with each other. This allows us to follow one another’s energy and support each of our endeavors while upholding our intention as a couple. We now find ourselves rapidly discovering when we are functioning “under the line” and therefore rapidly recovering to a more effective communication pattern.

We consistently remember our visions as partners and individuals and revisit them often – free from fear, arguing or bickering. We more clearly and consciously get and give what we want and need with one another. Simply put, we feel empowered and have more fun! We get more done with more ease, joy, love and lightheartedness! This is what we knew our marriage could feel like – we only wish we had done it sooner! We truly feel blessed to know you two. You are a wonderful example that always reminds us to align with one another! Thank you!!!”
– Maggie and Vincent Verderame, Las Vegas

“…A turning point in my life.”

“Since the Clarity® training I have been on a journey of learning and integrating what I learned and experienced. I had and still have struggles and “shadow” to work with and overcome – but I want you to know that the Get Clarity® class was a turning point in my life. I count my days as “before Clarity®” and “after Clarity®” because what I learned and experienced was so transformative that I feel I am almost a different person since your training. Things that are different for me: I know my shadow well and am able to be light with it.

I have created strategies to be more effective in my communication I am happier by far! I am able to disengage (not always – but frequently) my feelings from the reality of what is happening and keep things in perspective I live completely without “drama”. I know deeply how to follow energy and read energy I trust myself. Thank you for this experience. I have been to many trainings, read all the spiritual and self help books, and been relentless in my quest to change my life. Your training allowed real change to begin to happen.”
– Tomi Tierney, Seattle, Washington

“I found my true self.”

“I found my true self. For years I had been living a life that, while successful, didn’t necessarily “light me up”. Cathy & Gary’s class really taught me how to uncover what I’m truly put on earth to do. I have never been a part of something so life changing. If you’re willing to be honest with yourself you will walk out of this class with every tool you need to live a life with no regrets. This class enabled me to get out of my insecurities and open up to the dreams I had inside me.

Now I have the tools to stay on the path toward my dreams and more importantly the tools to get me back up on the path if Life knocks me off. I also met 8 incredible people and watched them transform from the strangers who I met on the first day to incredibly transformed, enlightened, open friends on the last day. I’ll miss them all. LIGHTS ON FOREVER!!”
– Matt Lytle, Vice President Marketing, Shamir Inc., San Diego, California

“Your work is brilliant and I see its impact daily.”

“I am taking another trapeze leap…Crafting the website for Inner Wisdom Coaching Services and getting ready to launch the business that God is creating through me in January 2006. I am so very grateful for the work that I’ve done with you and Clarity®. It continues to be something I rely on as I reach each point of choice and crossroads! Your work is brilliant and I see its impact daily, not only in my own life, but also in the lives of the women I serve.”
– Shannon Bruce, CPCC, Inner Wisdom Coaching, Seattle, Washington

“The changes have been fundamental.”

“Since taking part in the “Get Clarity® for Life and Work ” workshop, the changes within and without of myself have been fundamental. Fun, yes, and yes, mental too! (FundaMental) as the changes show up consciously – inclusive of the mind – using it as the tool that it is, to recognize what’s really happening – what Clarity® calls, ‘rapid discovery, rapid recovery’. I have also noticed a big shift in the ease in myself when big changes occur…what used cause big ripples of emotion, now slides by easily – not getting caught in the cycle of expectation and disappointment.

Actually, everything is much more easy, a whole new level of ‘okness’ has been occurring, no matter what is happening. Could’ve had something to do with that huge release of old resentment that occurred during the workshop!!! Thank you Cathy and Gary for creating such a supportive space that folks can really get to the point of what they want in their lives and how to make room for it to come true.”
– Canela Michelle, Vancouver, British Columbia

“It’s a way to keep yourself really LIVING your passions…”

“I am still feeling the effects in my life (powerfully)… I didn’t initially attend because I felt any lack of personal clarity or vision. What I discovered was that I can definitely be more clear, focused and vocal about what I want from life, and how I choose to live my dreams…While I am very happy & blessed in my life, I also have places where I have compromised my dreams and where I am allowing my energy to be focused away from living them…

What Clarity® offers, in addition to a powerful way to SEE what your most compelling dreams really are (and what they DO to “light up” your system), is a way to keep yourself really LIVING your passions…So maybe, like me, you don’t really “need” this experience right now. AND, it just might still help you become even more vibrant at how you are currently living your life.”
– Linda Garrett, Idaho

“I became familiar with the limiting beliefs that stop me in my tracks…”

“I’m a typical visionary entrepreneur. I’m faced with multiple opportunities every week. I discovered that I became overwhelmed and lacked focus in my core training and publishing business. My revenue opportunities began to rapidly decline. I also noticed that I began to doubt my abilities. Clarity’s training and coaching program helped me in three ways. First, the video interview process allowed me to refine my personal vision map. I was then able to rapidly filter out projects that no longer excited me.

Using Clarity’s “shadow” exercises, I also became familiar with the limiting beliefs that regularly stop me in my tracks. Finally, I developed a lasting alliance with other Clarity® “graduates”. They constantly hold me accountable to my vision and share their invaluable knowledge. I highly recommend Clarity’s “Lights-On Learning™ method to any busy, passionate entrepreneur who craves a focused path towards their greatness.”
– Lisa Nirell, Founder, EnergizeGrowth,

“It’s truly an extraordinary process…”

“The year I reached forty I realized I had no idea what my life purpose was. I was unhappy, despondent, and chronically ill. Miraculously I met Cathy Hawk. She assisted me to recognize what I am passionate about and set me on my journey to create the life of my dreams. The Clarity® training method is truly an extraordinary process which addresses each person on an individual basis. The Lights-On Learning™ method is powerful and unprecedented … I am profoundly grateful to have participated, and am healthy, happy and living a purposeful life I love.”
– Kynette Sonnabend Shields, Washington

“The Clarity® process was life changing and a gift…”

“Prior to attending the Clarity® programs, my life was fairly accidental. I was at a point where I was ready to look at what I really wanted to do. Clarity’s work has really come through on their promise…the Clarity® process was life changing and a gift. The biggest and most powerful Clarity® tool I’ve used is to daily ask myself and my co-workers what energizes them. We follow that energy as we work productively as a team.”
–Mark Vosburgh, Operations Engineer, Smurfit-Stone Container Corp.

“The best part was the concrete visualization of my energy…”

Clarity’s ‘Get Clarity®’ course blew me open and enabled me to focus on a particular direction. The best part of the course was the concrete visualization of my energy through the use of video technology. It’s hard to deny such a potent visual representation of the fact!”
–Margaret Thalhuber, California

“It was incredibly practical … to make the next step a reality.”

“I have known that anything is possible – absolutely anything. The Clarity® class was my first opportunity to meet others who know that too and live that DAILY. It reinforced my knowing and helped me begin building a community of like souls that continue to reinforce my beliefs and encourage me to make them happen. I also appreciated it because it was incredibly practical, getting into the tactical details to make the next step a reality.”
–Gina Gustafson, Washington

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