Clarity® Method


Using a highly creative, energy-based inquiry and video feedback process called the Lights-On Learning™ method, you will learn what truly energizes you – what lights you up.

This reflective imaging process enhances perceptual ability to such a high degree that you can see increased vitality and actual physical changes in your face, and lights in your eyes while you are being interviewed. Your energy will radiate – you will look and feel years younger – as you see past words and history to what truly lights you up — seeing clearly where you want to go.

How it works:

  • Your face holds clues to what you are passionate about, as well as what is draining and scattering you. To capture that “before” data, your image is recorded at the beginning of the training.
  • Next, a team of Clarity® coaches interviews you. As you talk about the things that “light you up”, your energy clearly shifts — often dramatically, and these changes show up in your face. Your face is again recorded for the “after” data.
  • At the conclusion of the interview, the distinct changes that emerged between the before and after are used as feedback to show you the magnitude of shift. This feedback is then used by the coaches to determine actions and strategies that energize you.

Looking for Lights-On

Looking for lights-on is a new way of seeing and once you learn this skill, it will profoundly enhance all of your communications. Learning to conduct a quick and accurate visual scan to identify levels of passion and energy in yourself and others is a foundational skill for living energetically. Seeing what lights people up is an innovative approach to living that heightens your innate ability to tune into the energetic signals and vitality cues that are constantly being sent and received.

The following looking for lights introduction consists of three pairs of photos, taken before and after an “energetic” interview—an interview that follows a person’s lights-on energy. The photos—all of which were taken in a professional setting under identical lighting conditions—demonstrate the physical transformation that occurred after the people discussed their most expansive visions with a coach for 60 to 120 minutes. The differences in the before and after photos is striking. But even under ordinary conditions, you can see the same lights-on qualities in a face: balance, vitality, connection, and luminosity. In everyday interactions, people’s faces shift rapidly, and your eye will notice the physiology changing from moment to moment.

In the first two pairs of photos, it was lights-on thoughts alone that created the physical changes.  Neither of these people had yet taken any action toward their lights-on dreams. The physical changes were solely the result of a lights-on focus of thoughts.


Increased light in eyes

Increased focus

More present and connected

Increased focus and clarity

More present and energized

More relaxed and integrated

The next set of photos show what happens when lights-on thoughts are followed by aligned action. In this case six months elapsed between the before and after shots. The pictures show the deeper, more sustainable physical change that comes from following energy and living lights-on.

More luminosity overall
More approachable
More direct focus


*Photos used with clients’ permission

Awakening the power of intuitive intelligence and innate wisdom

Clarity® presents a visioning experience that is powerful and sustainable… without agenda or opinion… focused upon passion, values, and inner wisdom.

This innovative process heightens and clarifies innate skills of “tuning in” to energetic signals and vitality clues – discovering what truly lights people up. The experience is so profound that it will change how you live your life forever.

What’s Unique?

High noticing: the ability to conduct a quick and accurate visual scan, identifying levels of passion and energy. A new way of “seeing.” Seeing past words and stories to discover what truly lights people up.

Deep questioning: a powerful inquiry tool that engages curiosity and generates a “field of listening” and authentic dialogue.

Cellular learning: a new way of learning “from the inside out” at the cellular level producing profound physical change… going from thinking to knowing… producing vitality and balance simultaneously.

Shadow Busting: a deep understanding of your shadow behavior, the behavior that stops you from living the life of your dreams. And, using simple strategies to see and stop your shadow behaviors.

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