For me, this time of year – winter – has always been a time of low energy, withdrawal, and depressing dark clouds in my own mind as well as outside. (See S.A.D. is My Muse). When the days are short and the light level is diminished, I am attacked by very low energy, depression, and a growing fear that I have something very physically and mentally wrong with me – AND IT’S PERMANENT.

Interestingly, it’s also during this time of sun-deprived depression when I, like many others, am creating resolutions to be all I can be in the coming year. Here I am setting intentions to improve my life when all I feel is “I just don’t give a shit.” Of course, this slows any forward movement on all the wonderful things I envision for 2014; which then adds to the depression, and so on.

As I mope around, withdrawing, being unproductive and a general pain in the keister, Cathy reminds me yet again – this happens every winter. Accept it and don’t think it’s a permanent condition. I need to be reminded every year before I begin to shift to a more effective view of this annual pilgrimage of mine. Once I’m reminded, I always begin to take the steps necessary to minimize my S.A.D. negative thinking.

In addition to diet, exercise, etc., I’ve decided that for the remaining weeks of winter, I will also shift my thinking from worry and depression to luxuriating in my lethargy. This is another example of taking the best view of any situation to create more positive, effective thinking.

Maybe I won’t be as productive and lights-on as I am in other seasons; some stuff won’t get done at a preferred level, but I will be more energized and accepting. This focus on luxuriating versus fear of  having a life altering condition must already be working because I just produced this blog.

And, if significant movement on my annual resolutions is delayed until the lighter days of March and April, I’m okay with that. They will have a greater possibility of completion when I happily return from my weeks of luxurious lethargy. Hibernation may actually be my annual luxury so I’m going to embrace it. In fact, I will wait to post this blog after my morning nap. If I don’t feel like it then, I will post it after my afternoon nap. Or, tomorrow.

If you also experience winter doldrums, I invite you to join me in making that experience one of luxurious, self care and relaxation.

Lethargically luxuriating,