I don’t know if it’s maturity or training or letting go, but I no longer get uptight waiting for my wife to get ready to leave the house. As I was waiting for Cathy the other evening – calmly – I remembered that this wasn’t always so.

In the past, when other people delayed my personal schedule, I would get agitated, irritated, and impatient. This inability to accept imperfections in my time schedule would negatively impact the rest of my day. And, I would always blame the action or person who delayed me. “I’m sorry I am so irritated in this meeting, but it’s because my wife took too long putting on her make-up this morning. So, I’m taking it out on you.” Well, it seemed logical at the time.

It’s Your Job to Set the Energetic Tone for Your Day  

I heard a speaker recently tell a group of small business owners that it was their responsibility to set the tone for the daily activity in their companies. They could enter the door each morning feeling harried, grumpy or pressured, or they could choose to enter with a bounce in their step, fully engaged and excited to meet the day. It was their choice.

It’s a well known fact that the energy you send out to the world is the energy you attract from the world. However, many times in the heat of complicated life and work schedules, this well established truth can be forgotten or ignored.

Life is complicated; schedules are demanding; things happen to interfere with your schedules. If you are late because the kids wouldn’t eat their breakfast; or the one hour meeting became a two hour meeting because the boss talked too long, it can ruin the whole day if you let it. Or, you can get intentional about the next meeting or the next interaction and not take your anxiety, irritation with you and mess up yet another hour or two with your negative energy. You get to choose.

Be intentional with your thoughts and  energy

The next time (tomorrow) that your schedule is negatively impacted by anyone or anything, take a moment (you have time) and be intentional about the energy you want to take into your next appointment. Consciously set your intention – I am frustrated about the impact on my day. However, my intention is to let go of all my frustration and be fully present and engaged in my next interaction.

Always patient and intentional,


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