Say yes to living a full vibrant life; say yes to the field of all possibilities; give yourself permission to live every day with vitality, purpose and passion. One of the primary secrets to a purpose driven life is to give yourself permission to live it.  It is important to have the trust that you can manifest what you desire.  When you do this, your focus immediately begins to shift to the field of all possibilities where your most expansive visions can come alive. This shift of focus to trust and permission creates an energy flow within you that sends out the high vibrational energy necessary to attract what you want.

How do you give yourself permission and develop trust in your dream?  What we have found to work is to keep your focus on a heart connected, energizing vision.  It is important that your vision be more than a great idea.  It must connect to your passion and energize your system.  Great ideas that are not heart connected will in fact reduce your energy and create confusion, and will not support living a purpose driven life.

Holding a high vibrational energy is the only way the Divine can enter.  It can only enter by opening a door called flow.  It cannot enter through a closed door called effort.  The key to the flow door is in your heart.  Following a heart connected vision is energizing.

Those who truly manifest what they desire and live passionately with purpose are people who stick to their dream, no matter what stumbling blocks they encounter. They listen respectfully to advice; gather information and facts; and never lose sight of their dream.

Say “Yes!” to living lights-on every day!