It seems that so much in the world today works to drain our energy. But recognizing and understanding the energy fields that surround us can help you maintain a positive energy flow. There are three areas of energy: remote, near and personal.

The Three Energy Fields

The Remote Field – Distant Energy System

This is the field most distant from you. It involves events taking place in the world over which you have little or no control. War is an example. Gulf coast hurricane disasters are another example. Even though you are not directly in that field, you are impacted by it.

When you let the negative aspects of the remote field consume you, it’s like bringing the war and the natural disaster into your home. You can lose your own energy and become lost, anxious and on edge. Our culture has a tendency to direct our focus to the remote field. In school your studies were mostly about the remote field, or things that are far away from you. The daily news bombards you with information about war, the ups and downs of the stock market, crime, accidents and danger. By allowing yourself to be affected by this invasion from the remote field, you can become victimized by events that are random and largely out of your control.

To keep your energy alive in this field, turn off the fear programming on TV. Instead tune into positive messages and read publications that offer balanced coverage. This doesn’t mean ignoring what is going on – it is simply a way to keep from being consumed by the negativity.

The Near Field – Environmental Energy System

The near field is your environment – your home, family, neighborhood, office and community. It is the field of energy that your personal energy field interacts with daily. This is your support field. You can’t completely control this field; however you do have strong influence over it. You can best affect this field by intentionally choosing your friends, partners and immediate surroundings.

To keep your energy alive in this field, you can ask yourself – Does my environment enhance my life? Do I feel soothed when I walk into my home or office? Do my friends, partners, neighbors support me? If the answers to any of these is not energizing, take the action steps necessary to change it.

If your home is cluttered and messy, de-clutter it. If friends are draining your energy, re-evaluate the friendship, or let them know how they can be supportive. Set your intention for what you want in your near field, and commit to it being the way you want it.

Your Personal Field – Human Energy System

The primary tool to achieving your life’s destiny is to hold your personal energy field steadily in all circumstances. This field is your health, your thoughts, your nutrition, your sleep and your spirit. When feeling the negative energy from the remote or near fields, ask yourself what good you will do if you are consumed by anger, fear and despair.

To keep your own lights on during difficult times, concentrate on what you love. It helps to create a personal mantra or intention to stay strong and focus on solutions rather than fear. You can also listen to beautiful music, maintain regular exercise, eat healthy food, and practice self-care rituals.

Above all, remind yourself to send out as much positive energy as possible, in order to counteract all the negativity in the remote field.

Live every day with your lights on!
Cathy Hawk & Gary Hawk