Once our intention takes root, we can’t help but think of all possibilities lying ahead of us.  In our gusto to move it forward, we sometimes don’t see the proverbial forest for the trees.  Synchronicity knows no boundaries.  It can show up anywhere at anytime looking like anything.  When we put expectations on how things will show up, we close off a whole list of opportunities.   Let synchronicity find you however it sees fit.

Claire had been trying to sell her car for months without so much as a look.  Yes, it was brand new, luxury, and in mint condition, but she priced it below Blue Book, so she wasn’t sure what the hold up was.  As she washed it for the umpteenth time, a late model, ratty looking Buick pulled up to the curb.  A couple looking slightly newer than their car hopped out.   “The guy kept asking me all these random questions about my car,” Claire says, “I don’t know which blockbuster movie uses this car as a helicopter and he couldn’t stop talking about it.”  Tired and exhausted from the whole selling process, Claire wasn’t up for conversation.  She explains, “They were nice enough kids, but when they started acting interested in buying it, I knew it would be a waste of my time.”

By now you probably know where this story goes.  Yes, that rough looking young couple were in the market to buy a fancy car and no, they didn’t end up buying it from Claire.  “They were right there telling me they were interested, but I expected them to look older and richer,” she continues, “how did I know he recently designed and sold the rights to a new Xbox game?”

Let go of how, when, where, and who.  Just know.  Synchronicity doesn’t hold judgment or look at stereotypes in the same manner humans do.  Therefore, it can show up in the unlikeliest of circumstances.  Be open and receptive, even when in doubt.