Those who’ve experienced the Clarity International’s Get Clarity for Life and Work walk away receptive and ready for the next steps in their journey.  With the creation of vision boards, participants set strong intentions of where they’d like to go both professionally and personally.  Vision boards solidify the intention with a personal and artistic reminder of the ultimate goal.  Understanding action statements, bridge plans, above the line thinking, and the check-in process supports participants as they gear up in search of a successful ride down the river towards success.  What happens after the workshop is nothing short of magical.  Because of the intense preparation clients receive during Get Clarity, both eyes and hearts are wide open – a perfect combination for synchronicity to show up.  In fact, synchronicity blossoms as the journey river flows.

Synchronicity may be the most challenging part of the process. When occurrences, meetings, and events line up in perfect order to bring about an intended change, you have experienced synchronicity. Identified by Carl Jung in the 1920s as an “acausal connecting principle”, or meaningful coincidence, synchronicity has since taken on a philosophical meaning all its own.  By magical standards, its mysterious ability to grant hope as despair encroaches, attracts faithful believers.  Scientific communities liken it to causality with meaning.  At Clarity, we just ask one simple question, “What’s different?”

When an intention grows roots via the vision board, the universe can’t help but to nurture. Noticing these nurturing synchronistic events unfold takes an adjustment of attention.  By asking what’s different, you train your attention to notice even the littlest, seemingly unimportant happenstances.  These coincidences are what synchronicity is all about.

Perla recalls her business’ synchronistic start, “In 2002 I figured it was time to take the full hour my lunch break afforded.  And that’s when I found it.”  Located near the burrito restaurant Perla frequented was a small boutique, Pistachio.  Specializing in unique locally crafted art, jewelry, and accessories, Pistachio found its niche by offering a wide variety of artistic products.  “I always saw it and meant to stop by but never did.  Finally on my day off, I parked two blocks down from Pistachio with only one goal in mind, walk straight there and buy something.”   As she stepped out of the car, Perla didn’t know Pistachio closed a week earlier.  “I made a special trip just for jewelry, so I wondered why I stopped in front of the card store.  I couldn’t pull myself away from the window.”  Nothing on her calendar necessitated a card purchase and nothing in the front window interested her.  Yet, Perla felt good about opening the door and walking through it.  “I stood outside the entrance and silently argued with myself.  Ultimately, I couldn’t convince myself to keep walking.  As excited as I was to check out Pistachio, some quiet little part of me insisted I enter the card shop.  So I listened and obeyed.”   A friendly exchange of words with the shop owner lead to a short conversation. Perla was informed Pistachio closed to relocate in a larger space.  “The card shop owner knew exactly where it moved and wished me well as I left having bought nothing from her.”  Perla made a beeline to the new location, where once again, she found herself conversing with Pistachio’s owner, Cheryl.  “Cheryl and I were kindred spirits both having tremendous zeal for art and accessories.  Even that first interaction, we finished each other’s sentences.”  Cheryl knew passion and talent when she saw it.  After a few visits she brought Perla on as an independent consultant and product recruiter.  With Perla’s help, Pistachio has grown even more, attracting an eclectic variety of product and services.  “Business is thriving and so am I,” Perla proclaims with an unmistakable smile of content.

Synchronicity fiddled with Perla’s intuition leading her to a dream job.   She gleams, “I always envisioned myself being an art consultant.  A consultant on artistic jewelry is just the icing on the cake.  I live a dream.”  Perla’s dream came to fruition easily as she utilized high noticing skills.  These skills nurture synchronistic communication.  Putting aside her rational, analytical mind that told her to move on without stopping for cards, Perla paid attention to that little feeling. Sometimes synchronistic events make no sense, which is where high noticing comes into play.  When we pay attention to all surroundings, both outer and inner, we awaken to synchronistic possibilities.   Whispering its quiet communication, destiny nudges us via all our senses.

Hearing What conversations, distant radio programs, and background noise do you overhear.  Keep your attention tuned into that background noise.

Visual What colors, words, designs, and patterns do you notice?  Look for repeated ideas.

Taste When that sweet mango melts in your mouth, does your mind flash another flavor or food at the same time?  Inspirations show up all the time in many ways.

Feelings Pure intuition comes through a quiet feeling devoid of opinion and judgment.  If the mind is quiet and there is no attachment to outcome, pay attention to those little thoughts that bubble up.

We walk closely next to clients after the Clarity workshop ends offering support through six individual coaching sessions. It’s a joy to see all of our clients sprout new ideas and cross bridge plans on their different journeys.   Through these sessions, we do our best to impart the importance of high noticing and finding out what’s different, both of which turn attention towards synchronistic events.   As much as we encourage and support client dreams, it is with their own open eyes where they find success.  Senses and mind open to synchronicity makes that dream happen faster.