Dive into the journey river and flow!  Wow, that was easy to say.  Is it always easy to do?  We suspect our entrepreneurial clientele may all have stories demonstrating it is not.  Getting a business off the ground or even to the next level needs a modicum of movement.  Both veteran entrepreneurs and newbies alike have experienced a lull in momentum.  However, true acceleration, where everything coalesces building speed towards the vision, begins with a first step.  When many steps are taken, you’ve found your groove.  Current business trends are so many in number and so important to follow, that a business owner can get overwhelmed and lose their groove.  Get it back again!

Groove Out to One Melody At A Time Alex had a few coaching sessions with Gary as her new business took shape to launch. “Gary was so full of suggestions and good ideas,“ Alex explains, “that after every session with him, I would have a full page of notes.”  She felt so overwhelmed by all she needed to do, that Alex did exactly nothing.  “Finally, I realized even the smallest step was progress towards somewhere,” she continues, “I’m great at writing and making brochures, so that’s where I started.”  Grooving can begin modestly.  Pick one project and follow it through.  Pretty soon you’ll find a comfort level where confidence is built and the next steps will flow more easily.

Ask For Help Once Alex got her brochures done, she knew the website needed completion next.  Knowing nothing about web design, Alex approached her boyfriend.  “He’s an internet genius and was happy to help,” Alex smiles, “He was so supportive and patiently explained everything I needed to know.”  Eventually, Alex finished her website, and updated her brochures to reflect the new address.  Our friends, family, and colleagues are happy to help us with endeavors we feel passionate about.  If you need help, ask for it.

Delegate Movement Lisa’s marketing company exploded, becoming much more than she could comfortably handle on her own.  She found two part-time employees and began dolling out the responsibilities.  Now she gives specialized attention to clients in targeted areas helping both them grow along with her business.  Recognize when it’s time to hire out.