It’s important for living a lights-on life to stay conscious so you recognize when you have a need to shift “something” negative to something positive. To be effective, it’s important to have a grasp of what that “something” thought is. It’s not always clear. This Personal Thought Energy Assessment is another tool to get clarity.

Complete the following Personal Energy Assessment. Rate each pair of statements on a scale of 1 to 10.


My decisions are fear based/reactive         I trust myself to make grounded decisions



I am often deeply exhausted                         I feel excitement in my life every day



I am often anxious and stressed                 I am always enthusiastic about my life



I am frequently resistant and defiant        I am dedicated and commit to my choices



I trust only myself to do it right              I know my strengths; only do what I do best



I’ve always done it this way                   I am curious about what’s new and possible



I struggle and do it “even if it kills me”       I experience easy flow; things fall into place



I wish things were different                         I live in the moment with playful joy



Life is never good enough                           I am grateful about my life every day



I sacrifice my needs for others                   I align my actions to my own values


Add your score from all 10.

90 – 100:    Excellent energy management skills. Congratulations. You are managing your thoughts to create a lights-on life.

60 – 90:      Reasonable energy management skills. Well done. You can improve your performance by learning Clarity’s Operating System.

40 – 60:      Significant energy management deficits. You’re draining vital energy. Come to a Get Clarity workshop, learn how to SHIFT.

10 – 40:     A full-fledged energy management crisis. Call us – 303-388-7507. Come to the next Get Clarity Retreat.

Like any self-assessment, its value is to increase your awareness of what’s needed to improve your performance. Then you need to take action wherever you discover you are draining your vital energy. What will help you change your thoughts and shift your energy in this moment? What tools, rituals, action steps will you use to sustain this new increase in energy? Clarity International has several options that you will find helpful: Clarity Workshops and Retreats and Clarity Products.