A team – this includes family as well – functions most effectively when all of the team members are willingly contributing and are aligned with the common values and common purpose. This Team Energy Assessment is a tool to discover where your team may be draining vital, productive energy. 

Please complete the following Team Energy Survey. Rate each pair of statements on a scale of 1 to 10. 


Atmosphere of fear among team members      People can be themselves; are valued



Lack of individual joy in the work                      Everyone willingly contributes 



It’s everyone for themselves                                Everyone is aligned with team



Members gossip and criticize                              Willing share productive feedback  



Repeat old patterns; little creativity     Team always looking at ways to improve



Lack of applying company values                         Always apply company values



Work is done out of obligation            Team has a passionate “want to” approach 



Members are passive and resistive          Team members contribute ideas and solutions



Internal competition among team          Members are highly collaborative


 Add your score from all 10.

 90 – 100:   Excellent team energy management skills. Congratulations. You are part of a highly functioning, passionate team.

60 – 90:     Reasonable team energy management skills. Well done. Your can improve team performance by learning Clarity’s Operating System

40 – 60:     Significant team energy management deficits. The team is draining vital energy.  Learn how to SHIFT

10 – 40:     A full-fledged team energy management crisis. Call us – 303-388-7507. Hold a team retreat and SHIFT Your Energy to be effective.

Like any self-assessment, its value is to increase your awareness of what’s needed to improve the team’s performance. Then you need to take action wherever you discover the team is draining vital energy. Ask: What will help us be more conscious of our individual actions and behaviors? What tools, rituals, and action steps will we each use to sustain this new increase in energy?