I want to become a Personal Positive Thought Champion. It has always amazed me that champions consistently seem to win by the narrowest of margins. They win the ski race by one second; the 100 meter dash by a few milliseconds. The person in second place is no less a champion in his or her own right — except they are always in second place by a few milliseconds.

If I want to be a champion of my own positive thinking, maybe I can learn from what these champions do every day and in every contest they enter. Here is a partial list of what I believe to be champion preparation items:

Daily focus on a positive mental attitude

Have an effective training system and equipment

Dedication to following a systematic training schedule

Have a passionate vision of winning

Mentally rehearse by envisioning the win and the glory

Recognize I am in total control of the results I create

Practice, practice, practice

Celebrate and acknowledge my daily success

Almost 40 years ago, I learned a valuable lesson in what can be lost when I don’t follow these rules for contest prep. For 3 years, I was 8th in my law school class which meant I was in the top 10%, on the Law Review and had all the honors that come with that position. And then, one small, hubristic decision in the very last month of the last semester to lower my level of focus and preparation caused me to drop .09 hundredths of a grade point (law school’s version of a millisecond) which dropped me to 19th in the class. Did this change the trajectory of my life and career? Maybe not, but it did impact my own personal psyche. It also gave me a life-long lesson in what happens when I lower my dedication and focus.

If you want to be a champion of positive thought, take time to really envision your life when you experience positive energy every waking moment. Mentally rehearse what it will feel like in your mind and body; imagine what and who will be attracted to that energy; and then imagine what you will be able to create using that energy.

Using that vision’s power, dedicate yourself to following a daily system and training schedule for always monitoring and shifting to more effective thoughts and actions. (I might suggest Clarity’s proven SHIFT Your Thoughts process as a possibility.)

And, finally enthusiastically maintain a daily practice of shifting your thoughts from negative, ineffective to positive, effective. At the end of every day, acknowledge your success, recognize where there is room for improvement, and re-commit to doing it all again tomorrow. Then give yourself a Personal Positive Thought Champion medal.

Always training for the race to peak experiences