I love how my life provides frequent lessons on the fine line between the spiritual and the real. These lessons sometimes slap me up side the head; other times they require me to be very attentive or I will miss them.

A few weeks ago my optometrist said it was time for my aging eyes to have the cataracts removed. Since my world has begun to look more like a fuzzy watercolor painting than high definition, I was ready to have it done the next day. She informed me that it would be at least four months before it could even be scheduled.

I impatiently waited a couple of weeks and then called to see if somehow I could be moved up the schedule. I was told there were many ahead of me with the same desire (and fuzzy vision). I would just have to wait. Then two days later the same woman called me to schedule the evaluation and surgery!

When I went in for the appointment, I mentioned how surprised I was to get that call. She said she had made a mistake and called from the bottom of the list. Then she said, “I just figured it was meant to be.”

That same week, a future speaking engagement was postponed which opened our schedule.  Within an hour of this happening, our daughter-in-law called to see if we were open that particular weekend to babysit.

Intentional coincidences

My first reaction was to say what an interesting series of coincidences – a mistake putting me at the top of the surgery list; a presentation postponement keeping me from travelling too soon after the surgery, which also opened up a night just when it was needed. Then Cathy pointed out that we created those “coincidences” by stating our intention, paying attention and trusting that the possibilities will open up to create what we want.

Abraham Hicks says, “ask and it is given”. Wayne Dyer says, “our intention creates our reality”. Cathy Hawk says, “being intentional in our thought and attention, allows for our guiding angels to provide the synchronicity.”

Having a free babysitting night show up when needed seems mundane. However, it requires noticing so we continue to stay positive in our thoughts and actions. This positive thought form keeps us in trust and curiosity about when our desired intention will show up, rather than focusing on what hasn’t yet appeared.

There is value in noticing the synchronicities

There is value in noticing the synchronicities that appear in our daily lives. Such high noticing helps us celebrate and honor our focused intention to stay above-the-line, in positive thought. Noticing the big or little synchronicities reminds us that it is our intention, positive thought and trust that make these events possible.

For me, it is just more fun to know that I can influence the results I want rather than rely on the luck of coincidence. And, to be honest, the more I notice, the more I deepen my faith in the power of my intentional energy to create my own life.

Staying intentional with a clear vision,