Clarity Words

Curiosity vs. Resistance

Curiosity is the light side of resistance. Curiosity as an energetic force explores the field of all possibilities, asks questions, and seeks answers which empower and direct choices.  It is a key factor contributing to creativity and flow. Resistance slows the flow...

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Gratitude versus Criticism

Gratitude is the light side of criticism.  Gratitude is one of the healthiest ways to view the world, using the ability to find a gift, a lesson or a message in every circumstance, and expressing that gratitude. The behavior of gratitude manifests by asking the...

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Ruthlessness versus Self Pity

Ruthlessness is the light side of self pity. Seemingly an oxymoron, the use of this word means that you will ruthlessly protect your aliveness. It is like “putting your own oxygen mask on first” in order to stay alive so that you can be in service to yourself and...

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Celebration versus Resentment

Celebration is the light side of resentment. Celebration is the ability to find the positive, no matter how small, in everything and reflecting that back into the world, like a mirror. It is attractive energy. Resentment is behavior that results from holding in...

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Playfulness versus Romance

Playfulness is the light side of romance.   Having fun and being light hearted results in a sense of joy and being in the present moment. It is reality based.  Romance is defined here as being in fantasy, wishing things to be different than they are, and/or playing...

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Courage versus Denial

Courage is the light side of denial.  It takes courage and honesty to look at the difficult patterns of your own behavior and even more courage to go into action to correct your course. Denial is like “sticking your head in the sand” and results in stagnation. We must...

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Integrity versus Division

Integrity is the light side of division.  Integrity means that all actions align with personal and organizational vision, like the saying: “walking your talk” or “what you see is what you get.” Integrity results in purposeful behaviors and a spirit of togetherness. ...

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Clarity versus Obscurity

Clarity is the light side of obscurity.  Clarity results in focused and directed action. A spirit of clarity results in ease and comfort. Obscurity results in scattered and undirected action. That inner voice has both gentleness and clarity. So to get to authenticity,...

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Intention versus Ambiguity

Intention is the light side of ambiguity.  Intention is clear and understandable. The result of intentionality is a spirit of trust. Ambiguity is unclear. The result of ambiguity is a lack of trust. He who climbs a cliff may die on the cliff, so what? Always a...

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Compassion versus Suspicion

Compassion is the light side of suspicion.  Compassion means having an open heartedness. There is an absence of judgment or criticism, and a presence which accepts differences. A compassionate viewpoint focuses upon looking for “what works here; what doesn’t work...

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