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Clarity Attention Guide for Powerful Partnering: Co-Creation vs. Compromise

The primary guiding question is: What is the energy I contribute to partnership?

The Transition Line on this guide has Anger as the transitional experience. Anger is a powerful catalyst for constructive change as long as it is never used destructively to hurt others. When you find yourself angry, it is a clue that you are at a choice point and that it is time to take your attention above the line.

Co-creation is the light side of Compromise. Co-creation is the alignment of both partner’s visions. It is a shared vision created by a combining the common lights-on elements from each individual vision. Partner one has a clear vision; partner two has a clear vision. Together they have a third vision that they focus on together while still honoring the individual visions. Compromise means that no one wins because each partner gives up important dreams, which can result in resentment.

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