A few days ago someone asked me what my 2015 resolution was. I flippantly responded with “Be Easy on Hawk.” Out of the mouth of the flippant …

As I thought about my reply, I realized it is the perfect resolution for the beginning of my seventh decade here on what Cathy terms “Earth University”. Almost seventy years of allowing my inner critic, my monkey mind to whip my ego into a frenzy of negative thought has never been an effective approach to my life; yet it has always been a daily presence. No wonder my aging shoulders are beginning to droop; carrying around the dead weight of self-judgment is a heavy, unnecessary burden.

I’ve mentioned previously that I have intentionally been revisiting some old haunts in the back corners of my mind. As a way to learn and practice a different style of writing, I’ve been using scenes from my own life – many of which are not complimentary to my better view of myself. The more proficient I become at remembering and writing some of these scenes, the pain of my bygone mistakes of character can easily move from the distant past into my present.

However, while writing about these past transgressions, I am also quite aware and grateful that my desire to be a better man, to open my heart and mind to my own spiritual and personal development came directly from my need to understand and relieve that self-induced pain. My life today, the man I am today, my contributions to my family and the world were all formed from the ashes of my self-destructive behavior; and my passionate commitment to discover the bigger truth about my approach to life, love, and work.

So, my struggles and life miscues have a purpose – other than keeping me humble. If I pay attention, they move me to another level of understanding and help me reclaim the reason I’m here on “Earth University”. When I let go of any negative attachment to my mistakes and look for the lesson, I deepen my claim to living a purposeful life.

I resolve for 2015 to BE EASY ON HAWK. Being easy on myself will stimulate a daily awareness of who I am and what I need to do to keep my inner light focused. Being easy on myself as my go-to daily thought will help me counter any negative energy arising from my personal lack of perfection. And, being easy on myself will let me more fully embrace and be present to my wonderful daily life.

My invitation to you for 2015 is Be Easy on (Your Name Here).

I’ve always said I was easy,