The Law of Attraction says that the positive or negative thoughts you send to your world will attract the same. Like attracts like – except when it doesn’t. Projecting positive energy can actually push away people who seem to personify negative thinking. For the sake of your sanity and survival, this is a very good thing.

Seven months ago, Cathy and I moved into a townhouse. Moving day was very challenging. Unfortunately, the movers didn’t finish until quite late in the night. On our door the next morning was a very angry note (a nasty-gram) from our new next-door neighbor, who was understandably upset about the late night noise. Through several vitriolic sentences she informed us of our violation of HOA rules, and voiced her concern that we may not be good neighbors; even as she expressed her desire to be one.

We’ve since discovered that she has a long history of expressing her opinion to other neighbors by sending caustic, scathing missives. We have consciously and intentionally sent positive energy in all communication with her.

We are always very sensitive to the areas in our life where our energy can be negatively impacted by events or others. In this case, Cathy has taken several steps to keep the neighbor’s negative energy on the other side of the common wall. She hired an energy intuitive to walk through our home. We now have crystals on several key locations to counteract our neighbor’s energy. And, Cathy painted this mural on our garage wall specifically designed to ward off negative energy. (Plus, it’s a wonderful way to enter our property.)


As a member of the community’s landscape committee, which includes this neighbor, Cathy has also intentionally brought positive conversation into every meeting no matter what negative comments our neighbor made.

Now, I’m a left brained guy. Some concepts, like Law of Attraction, make logical sense to me. If I send out positive thoughts, I will receive the same. I act negatively and I will attract negativity. But, I have to say that I find placing crystals and creating particular artwork to fend off bad spirits to be out on the edge of my belief system. However …

A few weeks ago, our neighbor decided to leave the committee when she no longer got her way, and just yesterday, she told Cathy that she was selling her townhouse after 16 years of living here. Cathy immediately came in and told me I needed to write a blog about the power of holding positive thoughts to influence the negative energy in our near vicinity. Did we influence our nasty neighbor to back away from controlling a committee? Did our intentionally staying positive in our communication have an influence? Did she decide to move away because of the focused, positive energy coming through our walls?

Proof is in the pudding!

If your near field (family, co-workers, neighbors) is sending out negative thoughts and energy, don’t match it. Instead, Clarity’s primary principle is hold your own positive energy and thinking – no matter what. You have the power to influence a change. Use it to protect your own vitality.

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