The direction of your thoughts creates a feedback loop which signals your body to respond and produce results, either positive or negative

Choice Point

Every day, all day we line up the options then choose. Fried, poached, scrambled, or hard boiled egg? Wheat, rye, sourdough, or white bread for toast? Coffee, juice, sparkling water, or mimosa to wash it all down? Writing out the breakfast choices makes the process seem much more complicated than it really is. Most decisions we make come lickety-split without much thought. Preferences stored in our memory and based on experience make the selection method seem intuitive. Why then does this intuitive talent go by the wayside when choice points are big – big enough to alter our life and the way we do business? How do we harness this natural intuition during points in our lives when choices seem all encompassing?

The Power of Automatic Thoughts

Cognitive and behavioral science have proven that “automatic thoughts”, or involuntary and automatic responses, truly do exist. Many of the thoughts that we create are actually based on beliefs that we have about ourselves and our world, both positive and negative.