Your thoughts create your reality; when you stay aware of and shift your thoughts effectively you create the life you want. You know how important it is to think positively, however, when you are swirling in the eddy of negativity, it is hard enough to keep your head above water, let alone switch to a positive thought. Although you are well acquainted with the “change your thinking, change your life” philosophy, in the moment that you are stuck, it is frustrating!

And, that is the precise time you need to take a time out and get conscious about finding any tool to help you shift your thoughts to more effective ones.  Ask yourself, Where are my thoughts right now? If they are coming from fear, doubt, or some other negative energy, immediately turn your attention to something positive. To find something positive to focus on, think of someone or something for which you are grateful.  Feeling and expressing gratitude always brings lights-on energy into your system.

Here’s how it works: you pick a positive thought and your attention follows. As your attention follows this new thought, your focus sharpens. Then with your attention focused on a positive thought, your whole body responds and you go from being stuck to being in flow. And, it feels great!

You are now in charge of your inner operating system – your internal GPS – an energetic operating system which functions much like a computer operating system – like a DOS. So, Clarity uses a play on words, and calls it a HOS – a human operating system. As with all operating systems which run continuously behind the scenes, the application for positive thought changing is easily accessed once you know the correct command – like a mental Ctrl+A on your keyboard.  It’s acquired by tuning-in to your own energetic signals and then choosing the direction that will have the most positive result.

When you intentionally shift to a positive thought, (like joy, appreciation, and kindness) the body responds by immediately releasing a favorable cascade of neural, hormonal and biochemical events that benefit the entire body, an endorphin release. It is energizing and called lights-on. The effects are both immediate and long lasting.

Likewise when you intentionally or habitually shift to negative thoughts (like anger, anxiety, and worry) the body responds by immediately going out of sync creating a disharmony in the nervous system (adrenaline release). That stresses the entire body, lowers mental clarity resulting in less than optimal choices, is draining and called lights-off.

Waves of thought energy create flow patterns.  These patterns can be observed as behaviors and engaged with to produce preferred outcomes, because all wave patterns are subject to interference. Wave patterns in phase are constructive and out of phase are disruptive. When a constructive wave and a disruptive wave coincide, interference occurs which can “cancel” the pattern. So, a negative thought can be cancelled and replaced by a positive thought.

Simply put, the direction of your thoughts creates a feedback loop which signals your body to respond and produce results, either positive or negative. These choices are all self-directed. You are in charge.