Human beings are amazing.  It is within our creative realm to build stable bridges across miles of water one day, only to exit Earth’s atmosphere for a quick trip to the moon the next day.  The human capacity to dream big and follow through is outstanding and yet, so easy. Big dreams begin with one intention.  Every human walking the earth in this instant is capable of bigness. It is one, little intention which roots and grows exponentially under our direction.   Intention is our declaration, “This is what I want and this is what I aim to get!”  When life experience is so intricately woven to intention, it makes sense to understand the dynamics while we harness the power.

Intention in its most rigid definition implies having a purpose or plan in mind, most likely in the guise of a goal, objective, or desired outcome.  Intention in its loosest definition implies having an idea.  An idea is much more laid back and often times sneaks in the back door without our knowing.  Think about how many great ideas you have during one day.  Are all of them feasible?  Are all of them helpful?  From time to time, we all get odd ideas that can easily be discarded as fantasy or crazy.   Would the world really benefit from square tires that bounce on their corners as we jump through traffic in Tiggerlike fashion?  Maybe not.  So, it’s a good thing some ideas take up a few seconds of our mind only to disappear forever. This is the tricky dynamic to intentions; consciously setting them versus unconsciously.  We really want to pay attention to our thoughts.  Are we consciously creating our ideas into intention or unconsciously?  The more attention we feed an idea, the more it grows.  Attention is the mechanism running our intentions.  Our thoughts give attention.  Therefore, it is wise to monitor thought habits, to notice which ideas get our most attention, then manage them with careful consideration.

Get Clarity encourages clients to move forward with intention.  We call this progressive movement a bridge plan.  It merely means thinking ahead.  Entrepreneurs make bridge planning a lifestyle. Being in a continual state of bridge planning allows visions to shift as success benchmarks are met or as intentions come to fruition.    Finding yourself on a new bridge with a new plan, must mean progress towards a vision was made.  Successful entrepreneurs never stop envisioning possibilities and therefore, never stop setting intentions.  Their bridges are ever expanding.  They are masters at generating ideas with the knowledge that these ideas are intentions, which in turn become reality.  Successful entrepreneurs continually shape the next step in their business.

Intentions can be as simple as “I am” statements or affirmations.   “I am successful.”  “I am prosperous.”  “I am creative.”  Train your brain to generate thoughts that support where you want to go.  Affirmations are declarations of who you are.  Even when you don’t quite feel it or see it in reality, stand firm in your resolve.  Affirmations set intention by managing self-talk.

If intention is simply an idea receiving lots of attention, it makes sense to manage the process wisely.  Monitor every repetitive thought with careful consideration knowing it contributes to your bridge plan.  Better yet, be proactive.  Repeat affirmations that support your intention.  Meanwhile, it never hurts to celebrate and show gratitude every step of the way.