I’ve been having one of those days where anxiety seems to have more power than enthusiasm.  It started before I woke up and it’s been quite difficult to shift into enthusiasm.  Fortunately, this doesn’t happen often and I can usually focus on doing something that does energize me.

Dr. Joe Dispenza (I’ve been referring to him a lot recently because I’ve found his work helpful.) says that he doesn’t get out of bed in the morning until he is ready to give the world his best energy.  My first thought – he obviously doesn’t have dogs. My second thought – some days I would have to stay in bed until noon.

Because Cathy and I do have dogs, my way of changing the energy of my negative stories is to intentionally and consciously focus on what lights me up throughout my day.  In addition to my other grounding rituals, several times a day, I take the time to answer some questions:  What is the best view of what’s causing this anxiety?  What if I adopt a feeling of trust rather than fear? How can I bring enthusiasm to this moment and this activity?  What’s the energy I experience when I answer these questions?

When negativity’s grip is exceptionally tenacious, I just keep asking versions of these questions.  Sometime during the day I will begin to notice that I’ve spent a while in flow, enjoying myself.  On most days experiencing that flow is enough to keep the energy ball moving in the upward direction.

After several years of paying attention and being more intentional about where I focus my thoughts, the less time I spend in negative energy.  There was a time in my life where I spent considerable time focusing on loss…and thereby I lost years.  So, having a bad morning isn’t a big deal. Fortunately I also like writing these musings. Today I enthusiastically spent some time writing about having one of those days.  Hey, it helped.

If you find yourself having one of those days, get intentional about re-framing, re-focusing and re-energizing your thoughts.  Ask the questions that will bring positive energy with the answers.

Live EVERY DAY Lights-On!