Living in the present, expressing gratitude for the future,  while honoring perspective from the past.

This phrase literally popped into my mind recently and my first reaction was – What does it mean?  Why did it suddenly appear so clearly into my brain?  Cathy says it’s the Universe sending me information.  I have learned that listening to Cathy is always beneficial.  I’m sure that listening to both Cathy and the Universe is even more beneficial.  So, here’s what I believe it means.

Living in the present is absolutely necessary to live a vibrant, lights-on life. It requires being present, staying awake and aware all the time.  Being conscious so you are making choices, moment by moment, that are enlivening, not draining.  Being present allows you to be observant – be a high noticer of the clues and synergies that give you direction for the present as well as the future.

Expressing gratitude for the future allows you to focus on and express your knowing that all things are possible.  It also reflects your knowledge that everything is just energy.  You send out your intentional energy for what you want in the future and that energy attracts the future reality you desire.  This expression of gratitude is a very powerful force in your designing the future you want to create.

Honoring perspective of the past allows you to remain knowledgeable of the lessons you learned from the experiences.  Once you fully acknowledge the lessons you have learned, you can let go of regrets and wishing you had done something differently. And, know you have released any energy draining thoughts that remain from a past you cannot change – but can only learn from.

Live in the present; express gratitude for the future and honor my perspective of the past. I’m grateful it popped into mind, and I think it will be my daily mantra for a while.