(Reading about six-word stories gave me an idea for a creative editing/writing exercise to reduce some of my earlier blogs to 200 words, as well as, the six-word version that follows.)

Last week I had to renew my driver’s license. It was past the expiration date, so I needed to visit the local DMV.

 While waiting for my name to be called, I  looked at my  old license photo. I’ve had to  live with  this grumpy, angry representation  for  five years. My last experience with  DMV was excruciatingly aggravating—as was reflected in my photo.

My return visit to the DMV went smoothly. When I told a friend I was going (with some expressed, negative reservation), she suggested I follow Clarity teachings. So, I sat in my car, set my intention that everything would flow smoothly and I would maintain a feeling of effortlessness throughout. That’s exactly what happened. My new photo reflects that feeling of effortlessness.

It’s up to you. What energy do you want reflecting back to you?
The energy you send out to the world is the energy that is mirrored back to you. You control it with your thoughts—conscious or unconscious. If the people in your near energy field are grumpy, resistive or negative, the first question to ask is what energy are you sending. Be intentional with the aliveness you show to the world.

I expect flow,

Six word version: Grumpy or Flow, My Face Shows