Our mind is centered and under our direction, we have a new idea growing, now let’s watch the fun begin.   The art of letting go really is the heart in the Law of Attraction.

Letting go has many synonyms; faith, hope, trust, confidence, belief.  The big difference though is that “letting go” infers disattachment to outcome.  Greta lived in a small home with her son, Theo.  Every time she passed by Theo’s small room overflowing with toys, she would think, “A loft would be so nice in here.”  Greta didn’t have any emotional attachment to giving her son a loft.  She didn’t feel like a bad mom, she didn’t feel Theo was deprived, she didn’t form her personal happiness around the idea of putting a loft in her son’s room.  She simply liked the idea. This positive thought went on for a couple of months in its purest of form.  Then, Greta received a call from Anne.  Anne was an artist looking to give away a castle loft she designed for her grandkids.  She wanted to pass it along to another child who would love it as much.  Theo now sleeps in a castle bed high above the ground every night.  Greta passes by his room and is grateful.

Letting go may be the most challenging part in the Law of Attraction, especially when money or loved ones are involved.  A first step may simply be to set the intention, “I let go of the outcome and know I will be provided for.”

Live Lights On!

Cathy & Gary Hawk