December has always been a reflective month for me. I like to use the month to look at what I created during the year and develop a vision and goals for the following year. Hopefully, you will find the following questions helpful in your own annual reflection. Later this month I will add some other pondering ideas as you form your own desires and intentions for 2014. 

Clarity of Purpose and Passion:

What lights you up?

What enlivens you every day?

What do you love doing with your time and your mind?

What would you do if money were no object?

Clarity of Partners, Friends, Teammates:

Who are the people who enrich your life?

What do they do that has you enlivened in their presence?

Are they supportive of what you care about?

Are they open to paying attention to what’s important to you?

Clarity of Thought, Action and Behavior:

Are your thoughts and actions always energizing, effective and positive?

Do you have a strategy for shifting your thoughts when they are ineffective?

Are you conscious and clear about what you think and do?

Are you being authentic; are your thoughts, actions and words congruent?

Clarity of Gratitude:

What are you grateful for?

Do you recognize and express this gratitude often?

Do you start and end each day with an expression of gratitude?

Can you list 20 things that you are grateful for right now?

Clarity of Intention:

Are you intentional in all that you do?

Do you state your intention frequently during the day?

Do you state an intention before every activity or conversation?

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Reflecting for 2014,