“Cat’s Meow” – something that is truly too cool for words

Lori is a homeopathic veterinarian.  She is a true animal lover and understands more than the average person her capacity to communicate with animals.  The other day, she also learned the amazing power of using her thoughts to impact the animals she lives with.

Naturally, Lori shares her home with animals.  She lives with 4 cats – two of which are restricted to two rooms because they don’t play well with the others.  They are the upstairs cats.

During a recent Get Clarity™ retreat, Lori learned that in order to live a fully energized and enlivened life, her job number one is to monitor and control her own thoughts and energy.  And, job number two is to create space for the people she lives and works with to also live energized lives.

The other day, Lori entered a room where the upstairs cats lived to what she defined as a “furball of two cats engaged in screaming and hissing ferocity with clumps of hair all over.”  Normally, she would have injected into this ferocity furball her anxiety and fear that one of them would be hurt.  However, being conscious of effectively holding her own thoughts and actions, she calmly looked at the cats and said “My intention is that this family will live here in complete harmony. So, the two of you need to work it out.”  Ferocity immediately turned to calmness.

Lori said the astounding part of this experience was the real, tangible, visible effect that controlling her own energetic thoughts and stating her intention had on the cats.

The energy you send out to the world is the energy you will attract from those closest to you.  The thoughts, actions and behaviors of those people closest to you (family, co-workers) are mirrors of your own.  Like attracts like.  What we’ve learned from Lori’s great story is that sending out positive thoughts and energy also works on the animals in our lives.

We think that’s the cat’s meow.