Recently, I read that a woman in Mesa, AZ ran over her husband with their SUV because he didn’t vote on November 6th. She chased him through a parking lot because she was enraged about the election results. See what can happen in your personal life, if you allow the negative energy from the remote field mess with your head.

Like many, I have strong opinions and beliefs about government, politics, the economy and world affairs. I am always challenged to not let my emotions about all of this impact how I relate to my family and friends. I continually ask myself if I can watch the news; feel passionate about what I see and hear, without letting any of the negativity deplete my own energy.

Several times in the weeks leading up to the election I found myself feeling depressed, anxious and irritable. When I wasn’t conscious where the anger energy was coming from, I would easily get irritated with some simple event in our home. Recognizing what was happening, I became very intentional about separating my anger energy around the political news and marketing (slander/libel ???) and the thoughts and behaviors I wanted to bring to my family and my work. I went for walks; did meditation; laughed about it all, and became even more conscious while doing my daily Clarity rituals. It helped.

You have no control over what happens in the world of politics, war, or natural disasters. And yet, your thoughts about these events can easily spill over into your family and work relationships. If you aren’t very self aware of where the negative energy is coming from, you could find yourself chasing your spouse down the street for forgetting to take out the trash.

I can’t say this often enough – your number one job in this lifetime is to monitor and control your own energy (thoughts). How you think is the only thing you do have total control over. If you allow the results of world happenings to create anger, despair, depression, it will have an impact on your daily life. You can’t think clearly if you bring the negativity about something you have little control over into your daily thoughts and behaviors.

If you find yourself letting the news of the world impact how you think and act in the present, develop a strategy for what you will do to intentionally shift your thoughts to more effective ones. If you can’t develop a working strategy, lock up your car keys.


Always watching the news consciously,