Always Take the Best View

Last week I began writing a blog about always taking the best view of any situation or event. I was intending to use some humorous examples from my personal experience. And then another inexplicable human tragedy happened in a grade school in Connecticut.

My friend Rich wrote asking a question we all are asking – how are we to approach our thoughts and feelings about this horror?

I’ve been pondering the same thing.  Since every time I watch a news report on it I end up with tears streaming down my face and a deep sense of overwhelming sadness, I have been challenged to find the best view to help me energetically handle this.

When I talk about best view (or best thought or most effective thought), it means that each of us have to do whatever we need to do to protect our own personal energy. We can’t control the insaneness of the world. We can only control how we react and how we allow that negativity into our personal space and impact our relationships.

The grade school shooting has had me feeling depressed the past several days. At the same time, I have been vigilant in not letting that sadness impact how I am with Cathy and my family. So, I’m focusing on my excitement about seeing my almost 6-year-old granddaughters on two overnights and Christmas in the next several days. I am putting my thoughts and energy where I can be most effective. I fully intend to be present and grateful for my love for them.

Going directly to the source of all energetic wisdom, I told Cathy that I was writing about this; that I intended to mention that taking the best view is an individual, personal choice driven by each person’s own process for protecting their energy. She agreed and added that the tragedy is also a poignant reminder that every moment we spend with loved ones is precious and we need to always remain present and aware of our interaction with them.

She also added that while we cannot control the remote energy field of human and natural disasters, these events could create within our personal energy field a call to action. In this case, it could be a call to action about how each of us feel about the issues of gun control and society’s responsibility to respond to the mental health needs of its citizens. Taking this personal call to action and doing something about it can help each of us stay personally vibrant and alive in the midst of a sometimes tragic world.

Your job number one is to stay vibrantly alive and hold your own energy with positive, effective thoughts – no matter what is happening in the rest of the world. It doesn’t mean that you ignore the events, but that you put them in perspective with respect to how you energetically live in this moment. With this perspective you will be more effective in your relationships as well as how you contribute to the larger dialogue around preventing future tragedies.

With sadness and a loving commitment to positive thought,