Damn Cloud copy

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Every day of my life, I do the work I love to do; the work I believe I was meant to do; work that serves a purpose in the world and serves the personal growth of myself as well as others. I get to do that every day. And yet, the printer just quit working.  #@%‼& CLOUD

This morning I woke up next to the most amazing woman in the world. I get to do that every day of my life. She is wise, supportive, kind and she loves me. But, the car needs new brakes. #@%‼& CLOUD

Six people are participating in our Get Clarity™ retreat this week. All of them have expressed excitement and anticipation. One person we wanted to join us hasn’t returned our call. #@%‼& CLOUD

I am surrounded by family and friends who love me. I get to see my beautiful, sweet, and precocious granddaughters frequently. I get to be close to my impressive son and his amazing wife. They are all a pure delight to me. But, I just saw a political ad that was filled with lies. #@%‼& CLOUD

I enjoy writing these blog newsletters. They help me share my thoughts, be creative and be of service. Three people have just told me they like reading them. One person just unsubscribed. #@%‼& CLOUD

I had a high speed accident with a deer last week. I feel very lucky that she only hit the side of the car; that no one was hurt and the $4,000 in damages is covered by insurance. The rental car company just told me that I would have to pay an extra $15/day over what insurance pays. This will cost me $75 bucks. #@%‼& CLOUD

If I don’t do something about my perspective on things, my energy will be in the toilet over minimal distractions from an otherwise wonderfully full life.

I am filled with gratitude that my work enriches and enlivens me every day. I am grateful for my loving relationship with a truly gifted, amazing woman. I am grateful that people see the value in our work and that we have a full retreat this week. Seeing my son and his family doing so well is a blessing that gives me a deep feeling of gratitude every day. I am grateful that my weekly musings are being well received and I don’t have to send them to people who don’t want them. I feel sadness for the deer but feel very lucky and extremely grateful that no one was hurt in the accident.

Now that puts things in perspective.

If you do anything like this in your life, stop for a moment and shift your perspective from #@%‼& CLOUD to one of loving gratitude for what you do have. Express it often. It may not prevent the daily challenges of life from arriving. However, you won’t walk around with a self imposed dark cloud hanging over you, and keeping you from seeing the richness and blessings of your life.


Living with gratitude!