The post holiday season has arrived.  Family, festivities, good food, and high emotions have been stored in our memory.  Coming down from all this energetic fervor may create a feeling of loss, drainage, and/or depression.  Have the winter blues found their way into your field?

The fact that we use the term “winter blues,” confident most readers understand the concept, is very telling.  We hear it repetitively during this time of year and may even have a personal relationship with it.  If it keeps showing up in the same way at the same time, it’s a pattern.  Observe your inner dialog, what thoughts, ideas, and attitudes run through your mind?    Having the blues indicates low emotions.  Try consciously noticing any negative self-talk patterns contributing to these blues.  Then with awakened awareness, change your mind or turn them off.  “I feel so lonely, why isn’t anyone calling me,” can become, “I choose to feel free, my schedule is opening up.  I choose to have me-time before it vanishes.”  By changing your perspective about a thing, you change the thing.

Giving little space and little attention to the negative self talk, helps decrease it.  Combat your winter blues by refocusing the inner discussion from negative to positive.  Celebrations, cheers, and gratitude are all out there.  Find them, notice them, and invite them into your internal discussion.

Live Lights On!

Cathy & Gary Hawk