We sometimes conclude our presentations and workshops with a summary that plays on our name – Clarity.  To live an energetic life of passion and purpose and peak experiences requires bringing CLARITY into your daily life.

C – Clear Vision – Every journey is best guided by having an enlivening vision for what you want to create.
L – Live Lights-On – It’s critical that you are always aware of your energy and do whatever is needed to shift your focus and behaviors to having lights- on energy in all that you do.
A – Aligned Action – Focus every day on taking aligned, lights-on action steps toward your vision.  Remain conscious to avoid doing busy work that drains your energy.
R – River Map/River Guide – Your journey is best served if you follow a map or a guide to help you negotiate the difficult places, avoid the dangers, keep you pointed in the right direction and in the flow.
I – Intention – To manifest the life you want or to create any experience you want requires that you set your clear intention before you begin.
T – Thoughts – Your thoughts create your reality; when you stay aware of and shift your thoughts effectively you create the life you want.
Y – Yes – Say yes to living a full vibrant life; say yes to the field of all possibilities; give yourself permission to live every day with vitality, purpose and passion.

We will explore each of these over the coming blogs and we invite your input and your comments.