Last month Cathy and I spent several days in beautiful Sedona, Arizona.  Cathy was attending a 4 day workshop; I was relaxing, surrounded by red rock beauty.

During these separate experiences, we each pondered on the same idea – the power of our thoughts to create our own reality.  Not unusual, of course, since that’s what we primarily teach and live every day.

Lights-on and arm-driven hiking
My pondering began when I met a couple on the hiking trail.  The man apparently didn’t have use of his legs as he was using an arm-powered bicycle.  And, he was obviously very lights-on and delighted to be on that path.  Seeing him so vibrantly engaged with his life, reminded me of a recent discussion we had with a group of people responsible for helping soldiers and airmen returning from war zones mentally and physically damaged.

Our discussion was around the question: “what has one person depressed and retreating because of his or her injuries; and others not only accept their new reality but actually become energized and focused on staying vibrantly alive, following their passions – skiing on special skies; running marathons on prosthetic legs; “hiking” in Sedona on an arm-powered bike?”

Cathy’s pondering experience came during a workshop led by Dr. Joe Dispenza.  In his new book, Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself, he talks of the science behind our ability to create new neural pathways – new thought patterns that energetically create the life we want; that we can “craft the specific future events we want to experience”.

Vibrant, aliveness energy comes from focusing your thoughts on a lights-on vision you want to create and live.  It is that aliveness energy that will attract your vision to you.
Whatever our situation in life, we all have our current reality. It’s how we energetically view that reality, where we focus our thoughts that is critical. “Woe is me” thoughts are energy draining and the more we think those thoughts, the more we build a brain pattern that keeps us from designing a vibrant life.

Sustained thought changing enlivens us
When we look at our current reality and feel a lights-on desire to create something different, we bring energy into our system.  Just the mere fact of focusing our thoughts on something in the future that lights us up, we feel energized.  The more we focus our thoughts on this vision, we begin to build a different brain pattern – one that enlivens and keeps us in effective action.

If you are interested in a tool that can help you control changing your thoughts, take a look at SHIFT, A Guidebook to Positive Thinking.

Live lights-on

Cathy & Gary Hawk