“My mom really wanted me to be a nurse,” Holly recalls, “but it just didn’t interest me.”   Holly’s experience demonstrates how near energy fields function.  “It felt like a struggle.  Mom was insistent and felt the medical field was best.  My whole senior year became a balancing act between subduing my mom, while figuring out what I really wanted to do.”

The near energy field, containing family, community, work, and friends, entwines so comfortably with our personal field that it may be hard to decipher our own ideas from those close to us. We can easily adopt, accept, and embrace near energy field ideas as if they were our own, ignoring the lack of passion in our heart.  Holly was fortunate.  Being able to recognize her lights-off attitude towards nursing, while realizing her mother in her near field, Holly maneuvered through her senior year and into college certain nursing wasn’t for her.  During her sophomore year at university, Holly’s mother eventually relented and supported her decision to major in marketing.   But only after Holly fell in love with the career and explained how enlivened she felt in her classes.

Holly’s predicament is not unfamiliar. Holly teetered between holding her personal energy field while her near energy field encroached.  Keeping the two separate through awareness and self-assurance allows us to more confidently follow our own journey.

We know on an intellectual level that as humans, we are guaranteed free will.  However, anyone who has ever owned a family, knows this reality can sometimes blur into an ideal.  With well meaning intentions and nothing but love and support for our successful lives, people closest to us truly believe their ideas of how to live are safest and therefore best.  It’s what they see as true in their own personal energy fields.  However, standing firm in our certainty with keen awareness to our own personal fields, we can gently influence our near field to five us support.