Here we are with attention on the vision, armed with hope, faith, and trust, as we’ve let go of expectation.  The road is paved and synchronicity on its way.  As we wait for magic to unfold, let’s turn to one last thought.  Yes, thought.

Unwavering Thought Now is not the time to change your mind with every little whim.  Fine tuning should be completed.  Know you’ve designed and offered up a great vision.  Avoid being wishy-washy as it sends out mixed messages and confuses the synchronistic process.

Certain Thought Doubt and shaky confidence may creep up.  Look at your vision board or read your mantra.  Know.  Be certain.  Chase out doubtful thoughts.

Positive Thought Always open yourself to daydreams.  As long as these thoughts have you successfully achieving your vision, then spend hours spacing out!

Remaining steadfast to our thoughts amplifies their power.  As we learned with above the line language, words have vibration.  We measure that vibration in megahertz.   Keep high vibration words and phrases in close proximity: written in your date book, hanging from the bottom of your monitor, plastered on your bathroom mirror, and hidden on cabinet doors when you reach for the coffee mugs.  Literally surround yourself with positive reinforcements and your thoughts will hold space for synchronicity to support your vision.