There’s a reason airlines warn parents to securely attach their oxygen mask before a child’s during an in-flight emergency.  When the oxygen mask falls from the ceiling, airlines know the parent will be more productive and helpful when his oxygen needs are met first.  Then it’s easier to help the child and maintain calm while the oxygen use runs its course.  Luckily, the oxygen masks are rarely needed, but the main idea is helpful on a daily basis.  Take care of yourself first, then others may benefit.

Our personal energy fields are great indicators of where we are.  Passion, above the line thinking, and staying positive are all aspects propelling us towards our vision.  When our personal energy field is drained, it is difficult to maintain.  Sacred Selfishness is a means of pushing the “pause” button; taking a well needed and well deserved break.  It’s a time to gather more of “you” into your space.

Renew, refocus, and revitalize by spoiling yourself.  Here are some great ways to practice Sacred Selfishness:

Massage The physical body takes it all in.  Mental and spiritual stresses transform into physical cues.  Massage offers release.

Gift Yourself Been waiting for a special time to buy yourself that new scarf?  Now’s the time!  Feeling refreshed can be as easy as refreshing the items around you.  A manicure can do wonders and so can new shoes.

Time It’s so precious and we fill it up so quickly.  Schedule yourself a lunch free from duty.  Send the kids to grandma’s so you can read a book Friday night.  Planning time to be with you, allows your own thoughts, ideas, and passions to bubble up.   Free time is a reminder of who we are and what we’re doing here.