During our well-known retreat, Get Clarity for Life and Work, we walk our clients through a process to identify their shadow behavior.  Most participants can readily name their shadow and sometimes have trouble pinpointing just one.  What great self-awareness. Shadow behavior is energy that blocks your progress. Fear is a big one and breeds anxiety, guilt, attachment, doubt, and negative self beliefs. When digging out your shadowy side in order to shine light upon it, you can more easily find it by asking these questions:

What is Hidden?  By definition, a shadow is dark and can easily tuck away that which you wish to hide. Take an honest look at what you’re free and open about, then contrast it to what you hope nobody finds out. What we try to hide from others derives from shadow.

What Do I Criticize In Others?  The perfect flow of life allows for mirrors to pop up when we need some self-realization assistance. Likely, where you find fault in others, is where you have a shadow in yourself. Observe and take note of what flavor your criticism comes in. If you notice a repeat flavor, or if you continually criticize the same thing, you have found your link to shadow. Great detective work!

When Do Guilt and Shame Show Up? Guilt and shame are shadow feelings the can be great big indicators to where your shadow may reside. Look closely to where any of these type feelings come from, and you’ll be closer to finding more of your shadow.