As spring peaks out from its slumber, many parts of the United States are feeling it.   Parks see more activity and bike trails fill with runners, walkers, and bikers.  The spring season tickles our lighter sense of living and engages us to play.  How fascinating the way our emotions intertwine with seasonal changes.  Summer has the ability to conjure up full-on joy; autumn can bring us to warm depths in our heart, while simultaneously stirring up a tinge of cold, winter’s capable of showing us soul searching depths, while we become less active and more homebound.

Individual experiences with these weather patterns vary, but in general, people have a strong idea of how they feel during any given season.  There are only four seasons per year, yet we humans run the gamut of emotional charges day by day.  Have you noticed your own personal cycle of seasons as you live through your day?   Unlike the seasons brought on by earth’s tilt and location in orbit, our personal seasons can be managed.  Using archetypal emotions in each season, let’s look at what we can learn about ourselves during emotional flare-ups and how we can move through the colder moments.

Winter The use of a shovel during those cold, dark, snowy winter months is quite metaphorical.  Winter can plunge us into depths we’d rather not voyage.  The cold can truly chill the bone leaving behind a feeling of loneliness, fear, and yearning.  Winter is adept at bringing out our shadow.  Shadow behavior is good friends with those winter blues.  Just like shoveling snow out of the way, use an above-the-line shovel to find your way back.  Whenever winter emotions pull you under, grab a shovel and pave your way back to the lighter, more positive aspects of living.  Snow tends to fall repeatedly throughout the winter months and the need to shovel can happen many times a day, many days in a row. Above the line thinking is close and gets closer every time you shovel.  Forgive yourself, refocus, and keep shoveling!

Spring Spring cleaning comes to mind.  Those winter emotions have built up a residue.  You’ve shoveled out the loose ends, now it’s time to scrub it until it shines!  Spring emotions offer us the opportunity to take inventory and clean out the unnecessary.  What emotional baggage are you ready to let go of?  Say good-bye to it for good.  Shedding the unwanted is a great way to loosen shadow behavior.

Summer That shiny, bright sun always knows how to lighten the load.  It encourages growth, brings depth to our skin tone, and clears the way for summer fun.  Feeling good just makes sense.  It’s contagious and sparks our creative endeavors.  Summertime emotions are a call to action.   Move around and soak it up.  Remember though, too much sun can burn.  It’s good to step inside now and then. Taking a break gives your skin respite and helps rebuild your energy level. Let those high, excited emotions run their course, be thankful for them, but always come back to center.

Autumn During autumn we look at the chill coming our way, while remaining hopeful.  Autumn offers a nice balance to our emotional playground.  School kicks in and even if we’re not following the school calendar, our bodies know it’s time to settle down.  There is a magical balance between calm and playfulness to which the fall season lends itself.  As the abundant harvest comes in, reflect on all that is good.  Being grateful and giving thanks amplifies your manifestation abilities.

Wherever you are playing in the emotional landscape of life, stay curious and forgive yourself.  If it feels as if you’re tilted and flying through orbit, then you’re going the right way!