Everyday, we are faced with decisions that affect our lives. In the Clarity process, we call these decisions “choice points” and the decisions that you make create your reality. Choice points occur from moment to moment, like being at a crossroad and deciding to take one path over another. Approaching these choice points in your life with awareness is essential when manifesting your true path.

Choice points are actually divergent channels which appear to create an opportunity to explore different opportunities within your life. I love when a new choice point appears because it gives me an opportunity to learn. Remember:

1. Every decision that you make is a choice point.

2. Your choices create your reality

3. Choose passion over patterns.

Once you realize that you are facing a choice point, be sure to approach the decision with your lights on. Ask yourself “Am I in service to my dreams?’ If the answer is “I am in service to my patterns,” take a longer look at the decision you are about to make. Listen to all of the input and make certain that you take responsibility for making your own choices. Make conscious decisions that are in service to your nature and the path to Clarity endures.

Live Lights on!

Cathy & Gary Hawk